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    Sweet potato and duileasc warm salad


    This hearty and filling salad is great as a late lunch or dinner. This time of year is so wonderful on Inis Maan. Our selection of vegetables from the garden is so wonderful the new potatoes are emerging and all the sea weeds are    at their finest. Foraging for sea weed is such a nice way to spend an afternoon. This recipe is a mixture of garden and sea vegetables.


    1 medium sized sweet potato peeled and oven roasted with olive oil and cayenne pepper

    1 handful of fresh spinach

    Sprouted black lentils

    Dried duileasc for sprinkling

    1/4 cup chickpeas

    1 vine tomato quartered

    Sunflower seeds toasted in the oven

    Yoghurt sauce

    1/4 cup of natural yoghurt

    1/2 tea spoon of garlic paste

    Pinch of himalaya sea salt

  • Holistic Treatments

    Inis Meain lillies





    With our new treatment room complete, we are now ready to begin offering holistic treatments here on Inis Meain. Just when you thought you couldn’t feel any more relaxed in this serene location, treat yourself to an extra helping of overall well being for the ultimate relaxing stay on Inis Meain, Aran Islands. Choose from;

    Holistic Massage
    Sports Massage
    Aromatherapy massage

    1/2 hour €25, 1 hour €50

    ITEC fully accredited therapist. Awarded Dermologica student of the year 2015. All massage oils and products used are 100% natural.

    Phone or email to schedule an appointment,

  • Foodventures

    Local pollinators As our wellness weekend fast approaches, 17h to the 19thof July, just over a month away now. Here in the restaurant on Inis Meáin we have been busy cooking away, trying out new recipe´s for something a bit different from our usual fare, but still consistent with our need to create flavours to excite the palet and using ingredients to nourish the body using a variety of local ingredients, literally from our back garden. Luckily I am a more than willing participant in the quality testing of these meals, it´s been a tough job, but it´s all been so good and healthy so I don’t feel too bad. We have the pleasure of working with such fresh and wholesome ingredients which makes it hard to go wrong.

    Hearty spiced green lentil, pea and sweet potato stew.

    Hearty spiced green lentil, pea and sweet potato stew.







    We are trying to create a menu for the weekend which will exploit the freshness of the ingredients that we have. We have beautiful cabbages, radishes, beets, cucumbers, onions, herbs, lettuces, rocket, spinach and of course potatoes growing in our garden. We will also be making use of some of the wild plants of Inis Meáin such as sea spinach, samphire and a variety of edible seaweeds. We will also be cooking with our sustainable line caught fish, reeled in by Padraic our very own fisherman. These recipes will depend on what he catches on the day.

    Inis Meain, good eats

    Inis Meain, good eats







    These images are some visual teasers of some of the fantastic food you can look forward to on our nourishing weekend. We we will also be opening up our group meals to any one who is  visiting Inis Meain at the time of our wellness weekend as there has been some interest, space will be limited so pop into Tig Conghaile to find out meal times nod make reservations, or to join in on a yoga class or receive a holistic treatment.

    Spicy Cauliflower wings, like buffalo wings but with.......

  • inismeain-yoga

    Drop in Yoga

    buddha   18th July Saturday morning yoga vinyasa/restorative 18th July Saturday evening yoga vinyasa/restorative 19th July Sunday morning yoga vinyasa/restorative Drop into any one of the yoga classes over our wellness weekend. The yoga classes are suited to all levels and are both strength building and restorative. Single class 15 Attend all the classes for 30 For more details of the weekend check out the website; http://www.inismeainbb.com/activities/weekend-retreats-y (more…)

  • Holistic Massage

    elderflower Massage has developed over thousands of years. From ancient China to present-day Europe it has been used for the promotion and restoration of health. There are many wonderful benefits to a massage treatment some of these are as follows; A massage is a soothing treatment, it is thought that 75% of disease is caused by stress, massage reduces stress and in this way may improve health. It can have a stimulating effect, massage encourages improved circulation, aids digestion, waste removal and neural communication, invigorates and relaxes muscles thus preventing spasm and stiffness, speeds up desquamation and promotes regeneration. A massage is also extremely comforting, touch has been shown to help people of all ages gain a sense of well-being consequently massage has psychological benefits. People of all ages can benefit from massage treatments, it is a safe non-invasive natural therapy. In Tig Conghaile during the ´Nourish´ weekend (May 29th-31st and July 17th-19th) we will be offering you a holistic Swedish massage by our amazing ITEC qualified massage therapist. Check out the website for more details on what will be going on these weekends and weekends to come http://www.inismeainbb.com/activities/weekend-retreats-yoga-food-massage/

  • Restorative and Vinyasa Yoga


    What yoga means to you?

    Yoga is not just something I do it is a big part of who I am.  Yoga provides me with tools for my personal and communal growth. Every class that I teach, I learn something more about myself, my students and about yoga itself. My students are by biggest teachers.

    How you got interested in yoga?

    After several years of an off and on practice I became totally committed to my yoga practice, it was a means of coping with a stressful job and dealing with grief that was steadily engulfing me after my mother’s unexpected passing.  The more I became immersed in my practice, not only did my physical body become stronger and more flexible but it was the noticeable changes in my mental and emotional wellbeing that really effected the very core of my daily life.

    The kind of yoga you teach/love?

    It was Ashtanga that had the biggest impact on me when I committed to my personal practice and it’s something I return to often but its Vinyasa flow that drives my practice and my teachings.  I love the freedom that Vinyasa provides, allowing each teacher to develop their own sequences and creative transitions, in turn providing greater scope for all ages and abilities. Physiotherapy alignment principals as taught by Laragh & Dave Cunningham at The Yoga Shala, Galway are my basis for teaching students how to safely and intelligently create strength and grace in their physical practice and enable greater clarity, concentration and focus in their minds.

    What you think of the Inis Meain?

    The moment you set foot on Inis Meain, time literally changes pace.  You have no choice but to succumb to the rhythm of the island. I was there as part of a group of walkers, we stayed just one night but felt like we had been on a retreat for a week! The silence and the beauty of the place just transports you to a different time and provides you with the space to breathe, think and be with nature. I cannot say enough about the delicious, home grown and organic produce that we treated to, it was food for the soul…

    Join a beautiful practice with Lisa on May 29th– 31st and July 17th– 19th check out the blog for further details http://www.inismeainbb.com/blog/

  • Nourishing Home made Meals


    In 1993 Vilma Conneely moved to Inis Meáin, she is the chef and proprietor of Tig Conghaile. She is originally from Guatemala a tropical country in Central America. She met Padraig Conneely an Inis Meáin native in San Francisco while they were both living and working there, they fell in love and Padraig convinced Vilma to move to his home the island which he always held close to his heart.

    Padraig is a fisherman and the sea is where he feels most at home, when he is not out in his boat on the open sea he is in his garden, he grows vegetables in the traditional fashion rows of perfectly hand ploughed soil, and seaweed as a natural fertiliser which gives a richness to the golden spuds that emerge from the ground which needs to be tasted.

    Vilma cook´s with as many of the local ingredients from the island as possible, her style of cooking is a blend of the flavours of her own cultural background and the beautiful ingredients grown or caught on the West Coast of Ireland, it will fill you with goodness as she loves to cook and loves to use fresh ingredients the meals she prepares are nutritious but even more importantly delicious. During the Nourish weekend all the meals will be prepared with love by Vilma. May 29th– 31st and July 17th– 19th check out the blog for further details http://www.inismeainbb.com/activities/weekend-retreats-yoga-food-massage/

  • Yoga Escape Inis Meáin


    Inis Meáin is the middle of the three Aran Islands, It is also the most untouched and peaceful of the three. The island is a rocky landscape, slabs of limestone dominate the panorama with flecks of plant life emerging from the grykes. The flora and fauna is unique to the islands and the Burren.

    Walking through the narrow roads and paths of the island you get the impression of walking through a maze carefully constructed stone walls criss-cross the island. There is also a feeling of openness as the sky feels wide open around you and the Atlantic breeze is cool and fresh on your face.

    The history of the islands is rich with culture, there is a tradition of basket making and knitting that still carries on to this day. The sea has always played a central role in the lives of the islanders. Islanders fish from the sea and collect sea weed to eat and to use as fertiliser for their vegetable plots from the shore.

    It feels as though you have escaped to a place that is truly serene. It is no wonder that writers such as J M Synge who wrote ´Play boy of the western world´ and ´Riders to the Sea´ was inspired by this place and wrote some of his most recognised works here. It is this serenity and sense of peace that makes this place the ideal place for rejuvenating weekend get-away. Nourish weekend May 29th -31st and July 17th-19th and more dates to be announced. Check out http://www.inismeainbb.com/activities/weekend-retreats-yoga-food-massage/ for more details.

  • ´Nourish´ weekend retreat (Yoga, Food, Massage)

    This Summer

    Two nights stay in in the unique setting of Inis Maan Aran Islands. The island is the middle of the three Aran Islands, it is the most peaceful of the three islands which lends itself to a relaxing and rejuvenating stay.

    The weekend will be a holistic event based on nourishing the body, mind and soul. All the food will be prepared by Vilma the well- known Guatemalan chef and proprietor of Tig Conghaile the BandB and restaurant where the weekend will be set . The rooms are all en-suite. The food will be all made in house using as many nutritious local ingredients as possible. The location looks out onto the Atlantic with stunning views of the cliffs of Moher.

    On Saturday and Sunday there will be yoga which will be led by Lisa and John two wonderful Galway based yoga instructors who teach vinyasa synergy yoga which is a safe, strength building and energising style of yoga.
    Also included in the weekend is one treatment of either a holistic massage or reflexology. The treatments will be provided by excellent ITEC qualified holistic therapists. Massage and reflexology are both excellent treatments for both relaxing and detoxifying the body.

    Arrive on the evening ferry www.aranislandferries.com/ The boat departs from Ros a´Mhíl and a bus can be boarded from Galway city to take you directly to the boat.
    Dinner on arrival followed by tea

    Morning detox Juice, wake up yoga, breakfast, slot yourself in for a massage or reflexology treatment, free time to explore the picturesque sights of the island, Lunch, yoga in the afternoon, dinner. Herbal tea

    Morning detox juice, morning yoga, breakfast, enjoy a stroll or a quick dip in the sea at the beach which is 5 minute walk from the property, lunch before getting ready to depart on the afternoon ferry.

    May 29th -31st and July 17th-19th book early for discount prices

    Nourish Weekend corrected