Holistic Massage

elderflower Massage has developed over thousands of years. From ancient China to present-day Europe it has been used for the promotion and restoration of health. There are many wonderful benefits to a massage treatment some of these are as follows; A massage is a soothing treatment, it is thought that 75% of disease is caused by stress, massage reduces stress and in this way may improve health. It can have a stimulating effect, massage encourages improved circulation, aids digestion, waste removal and neural communication, invigorates and relaxes muscles thus preventing spasm and stiffness, speeds up desquamation and promotes regeneration. A massage is also extremely comforting, touch has been shown to help people of all ages gain a sense of well-being consequently massage has psychological benefits. People of all ages can benefit from massage treatments, it is a safe non-invasive natural therapy. In Tig Conghaile during the ´Nourish´ weekend (May 29th-31st and July 17th-19th) we will be offering you a holistic Swedish massage by our amazing ITEC qualified massage therapist. Check out the website for more details on what will be going on these weekends and weekends to come http://www.inismeainbb.com/activities/weekend-retreats-yoga-food-massage/

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