A Living Relic

“A Living Relic” exhibition, Västerås, Sweden 2013

“A Living Relic” is the title of a photographic exhibition by the artist Ana Maria Godoy Conneely. It was exhibited at the Temperart Gallery in Västerås, Sweden in 2013.

The timelessness of the island must contend with the passage of time – and in an age characterised by progress and change the struggle has never been more pertinent. Inability and unwillingness to adapt to change are indicators of extinction, and yet change for the island may be thought of as a form of extinction in itself. It is this bitter irony that the artist offers the viewer in this collection, and yet her love for the place she calls home is as present as any sad truth she presents us with.

A group of photographs taken by Henry Cecil Watson in 1912 is juxtaposed with photographs taken by the artist a century later, in 2012. The artist utilizes the mood of nostalgia that black and white photography has the power to conjure, a longing for simpler times. We are asked to consider that which has been left behind and that which has been built upon. What has changed in the last hundred years in this solitary land? And we are urged to wonder what will change; what must change? Can we feel nostalgia for the present?

Inis Meáin Pier 1912

Inis Meáin Pier 2012

Synge's Cottage 1912
- In 1912 the building was the island's post office

Synge's Cottage 2012

Road Past Dún Fearbhaí 1912

Road Past Dún Fearbhaí 2012

Inis Meáin Pub 1912

Inis Meáin Pub 2012