Yoga mat bags for sale – functional, artisanal and lovable

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Huipil €20
Huipil 1

Huipil 2

Huipil 3

Huipil 4

Huipil 5
Huipil with embroidery €40
Embroidered Huipil 1

Embroidered Huipil 2

Embroidered Huipil 3

Embroidered Huipil 4

Hy Brasil Yoga has a stock of beautiful yoga mat covers for sale, all made with colourful, hand-woven Guatemalan textiles. Each bag is unique.

The bags are lined and close with a drawstring which doubles as a carrying strap.

They come in two styles:

Hand-woven huipil for €20

Hand-woven huipil with hand embroidered detail for €40

Please note that prices do not include postage costs.

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