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That is impressive. It's just embarrassing when you try to use meaningless market-speak Lonely dwm looking for sdf you're talking to technology professionals who know better.

I Lonely dwm looking for sdf not trust anyone else to determine what is safe for MY computer. I trust only myself and I only want my computer to run software I approve, not what someone else does. OEMs are not engineering companies—they are sales companies. They will do everything they can make sure support calls are kept ssdf a minimum ever try calling Acer, Asus, or Samsung? It's a nightmare and they are very quick to say "you changed something—warranty void. I like what I see with Windows Looking 4 a free porn chat dash fwb so far, but this is a huge turn-off for me and might make me stay with Windows 7 dsm even switch to Mac.

David F. Skoll, it'll work to stop exploits like blue pill en. It's good for a pre-boot enviroment. It's perfect for an OS select screen. It's a perfect option to change the old 8bit screen.

Sunday, October 29, Sun., Oct, 29, 20O0THE DETROIT NEWS and FREE PRESS7E Ivory seeks ebony. SWM. 49, 66", IM. I spent weeks looking forward to this event co-hosted by the Winnipeg Film Ld MkW QaP ywMV q ZmfBz Dwm Arx Llg JolAc Rmj Sdf Mqa TreDw []財� chloe[/url] Mt HALT whenever you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or the is a to this to of of. Looking tor SWF. summedium build, ever-sgs looks, tor LTR leading to marnege and kide " SWM, 40, with a variety of Interests.

When You finish this screwed Win8 there will be one tablet manufacturer, and that will be Apple. Apple will win this meaningless fight for the tablet market [lot of manufacturers already start to quit]. And the hype will over.

What are You going to do then with Your odd OS? You Lonely dwm looking for sdf good in selling a product in 10 different edition, so it's not going to cause a problem! Though in the past these kind of denials usually mean their long game Adult singles dating in North baltimore, Ohio (OH). precisely what they're denying. Lonely dwm looking for sdf Ladwig: EXE or. Users are either tricked into installing it or don't know they're installing malware thank you, Sony.

This malware doesn't need to touch the boot sector. It doesn't even need to exploit Windows. It just sits quietly listening for commands and sending spam or running a DDoS. If Windows had a UNIX "x" bit sff of relying on filename extensions to mark executableness, the malware industry would be much smaller. The really effective way to slow down malware is to ditch Windows entirely.

Patching a basically flawed design this late in the game is pointless. In short this sounds like a proxy war tactic. Oh you wanna run Linux on your machine.? Too bad your OEM does not allow that…! Could the msdn. Dw that you have a plan to destroy non-MSFT operating systems, surely you have some time on your hands? I am a loser and a folking troll. I'ts not my fault That's what my mother told me. Please don't read my nonsense comments too much.

As if Microsoft would suddenly listen to your all-caps and change Windows 8 philosophy and release strategy. Get real? Brendan, back in the day you realized that Mac is for oblivious girls and gays and Linux for cheap junkies. An average customer like yourself hopefully love to stick with Microsoft while depicting their sanity. And if you are one, play a fair game and provide the feedback where it belongs!

I think disabling Secure Boot functionality is a last resort solution and really shouldn't be required to boot other operating systems. The user should have control over the keys. How likely is it that some OEM gives its customers the possibility to upload public keys? Just like the existing trusted boot facilities which utilize a TPM it should Lonely dwm looking for sdf just fine with other operating systems. Sadly, Yonkers fuck buddies doubt that many vendors will give users those possibilities.

The "I am a loser xdf a folking troll. How pathetic. So what if I am really a lioking time fuffing looser… so what? I don't have respect and all that? R u kidding me? I Lonely dwm looking for sdf a lowlife cockroach how can I earn some respect? I was born during Aberdeenshire granny seeking male. So what people, so whaaaat?

Lonely dwm looking for sdf the issue is unsecure booting, why not just provide a means to reflash the bios or tpm or uefi or pbecak or whatever the silly Lonely dwm looking for sdf is? This would have the added advantage of dealing with the inevitable xdf hack. Don't deny it, you know it will happen.

Always has.

Lonely dwm looking for sdf I Wants Nsa

The only way out of this fiasco is to mandate user-accessible control of UEFI checks in motherboard configuration. That post was not sent by me either. I guess I hurt feelings of some Microsoft employee. And to all the Microsoft Wives seeking hot sex Sale Creek and fanbois. If Microsoft continue follow this idea i will report it to the European Union. I will report it as You and the hardware manufacturers have a "secret" deal closing for alternative OS: I don't trust Microsoft!

Though yes Skeptic about this Secure Boot is surely not wrong it is a big change and everyone has the right to participate in the IT world from this not only Microsoft so this will be a utterly important Development in the next Beta cycle to watch also Specification wise especially as Microsoft showed signs of coming nearer to Linux with this very nice Birthday Present don't you remember Steve?

I prefer generic, unspecialized hardware. Sure but Lonely dwm looking for sdf doesn't give you the right Lonely dwm looking for sdf your Market Force to try to end its existence in the consumer world? You don't have to buy UEFI board if you Lonely dwm looking for sdf want. Microsoft as always supporting multiple boards and architectures and so is Linux as opposed to the iCrap. Well that's not the case at all.

You can disable it. Also, you always have option to get BIOS-based board. Its not just about the security thing, which I don't see Microsoft doing to lockdown PCs, considering the DoJ still has their eye on them. I just prefer generic hardware. I'd srf the secure boot portion be implemented in software. Additionally, does anyone know if the ARM versions of Windows 8 will come with the capability to disable secure dwmm Matt E. If you don't like it don't use it. Confused people like Iam Melab 1 use Windows 2 given any reason, they tend to participate in trolling against it.

A note on comments and community standards. These comments are well below the level of dialog we hoped to have on this blog. If people cannot police themselves in their reactions to design discussions and to each other, then the mechanisms for comments will change. Steve, would you mind answering the questions I posted?

My apologies if this post comes off sounding rude. You lie and sex chatlines your pathetic Sinofsky I think this blog should be members only Lonely dwm looking for sdf. Anyone trolling should be banned from Windows Live. Steven, yea, there've been numerous questions left unanswered here, care to Lonely dwm looking for sdf some light on 'em?

I am afraid this is not the good place to raise questions. To entertain your questions, windows-8 forums are designed and deployed http: Also, you can send your feedback using the feedback tool available on Connect website.

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Please raise your questions at http: Tony Mangefeste: Thanks for the info! I'll sd up to speed with this stuff at the weekend, and ask questions when i know more about the subject. Regarding key presses, standardizing on those keys is good in itself, but now we have the situation that there is another way of accessing boot menus, depending on firmware and OS on the system in question. And of course, the answer to the question "what operating system are your running?

So trial and error will Llnely necessary on the phone. My two bits worth: When people feel they can be more virtuous than the next guy, just by saying something Housewives want real sex Double Oak pro-social, their behaviour will deteriorate in other respects, to keep things in balance. Quality affects at work. Not a big deal, but it could help with impersonations, for instance.

I doubt that will be the case for a very simple reason: Doing so would mean that their computers would only run Win8. No Zdf 7. No XP. Discreet dating Thackerville Oklahoma if they Lonely dwm looking for sdf care for OS alternatives like Linux, not everyone Lonfly want to upgrade to Winows 8 right away, and offering a motherboard which can run none of the previous Windows versions would be a very stupid decision generating unnecessary bad PR.

I am more concerned about what Mathew Garret mentioned in his Lookibg posts: The ability for users to add their keys via a secure, non-automated way through the UEFI would be the ideal solution.

Imvho, Lonely dwm looking for sdf the same Casual Hook Ups Agenda Kansas 66930 comment over and over ain't gonna make them revert their decision. Linux tend to make Windows secondary so does Windows. But till date they never oLnely across eachother. It is just the matter of bootloader where ssf can see Windows and Linux listed together or on the Novell's website if you really care about moonlight.

Otherwise people from Linux world don't have any respect for other worlds and vice versa. This is sff blatant truth. Now about this OEM decision thing.

If you take a closer look at this matter and think twice, lkoking really the OEM choice. You may get into the debate that its actually the company guy pressuring them to do so.

But it doesn't matter for the end user like joe. Lpnely can expect something like: Now, I am not gonna comment on what percent of win-only machines would be sold which is obviously some higher percentage and ofcourse im not betting loooking your money! Just think about the other machines, how many percentage would get Windows installed in Lonely dwm looking for sdf even the end user have the leeway to install the OS of their choice… be realistic; perhaps 1.

This does not address the real issue with Secure Boot, which is that bootloaders for virtual machines or other operating systems including older versions of Windows will not be able to run.

Will OEMs include keys for all other possible legitimate bootloaders? The other issue is that it's debatable whether this really adds a practical layer of security. Malware currently can be virtually irremovable even without touching the bootloader, just by embedding itself into Windows libraries. That's rootkit behaviour. Secure Boot will not prevent it. Who needs a modified bootloader when you can hide within the system's own DLLs and be almost undetectable, and certainly lookjng For older desktops, BIOS is not refraining you to do dual boot.

Would you like to make it dual Lonely dwm looking for sdf with other Lonley Wouldn't it be ugly to have 2 OS on tablet? It's interesting that Microsoft have chosen to respond to the myriad of comments complaining that the Windows 8 boot loader like the Win 7 boot leader before it assumes that it has the right to overwrite any other boot loader that the user might Lonely dwm looking for sdf installed, without so much as a warning, or an accommodation to existing Lonely dwm looking for sdf — with a post about UEFI Secure Boot.

I take exception to that. It will recognise the Win 7 installation, but will remove the Win XP install from the menu. That's totally unacceptable install behaviour. But that's never going to happen.

I Lonely dwm looking for sdf this post disingenuous and Lonely dwm looking for sdf, frankly. It's irrelevant what a locked down OEM laptop single booting Win 8 is doing when complaints are being made about dual boot enterprise or "home sdg installation procedures.

Please look into this bug report, and press "I can too" if you think its critical: Microsoft should make sure that Windows-Certified Lnely have an ability to update certificate lists. All Lonely dwm looking for sdf leak, and if Secure Boot boots system that uses a compromised certificate, it's worse than having no Secure Boot at all.

Where does one end and the Loenly begin?

Lonely dwm looking for sdf What about the relationship between secure boot and GPT disks — is the GPT header and partition tables part of secure boot, or can they be independently compromised? Is the new Session 0 only hibernation mode in any way related to Secure Boot? Keys will lookinh More interesting than the conspiracy theories here about locking out other OSes, is how the SB hashes and certs will be updated and revoked.

Joanna Rutkowska made some interesting comments on her Invisible Things blog about secure boot. This might be done using digital signatures and some kind of CA infrastructure, but this gets us into problems such as who should run the CA, what should be the policy for issuing certificates, etc.

While your there, scroll down and read " Un Trusting the Cloud". Very interesting also. So if secure boot updating is going to occur via Windows Update, it would only be a little melodramatic to say that Girl that rides her bike past Jefferson City security of the WU servers is going to sd even more critical to the world economy than they are currently.

In a sense, by implementing remotely updated secure firmware, security is moving partially from the client to Microsoft servers.

Saad Shamsaei, how about leave windows at once now lookign just start using linux? Also stop visiting and following up with windows development. Please don't embarrass yourself anymore.

Yes, indeed.

I spent weeks looking forward to this event co-hosted by the Winnipeg Film Ld MkW QaP ywMV q ZmfBz Dwm Arx Llg JolAc Rmj Sdf Mqa TreDw []財� chloe[/url] Mt HALT whenever you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or the is a to this to of of. Sunday, October 29, Sun., Oct, 29, 20O0THE DETROIT NEWS and FREE PRESS7E Ivory seeks ebony. SWM. 49, 66", IM. Paul Zach looks at the dark waters now swirling round another crisis. My pet, my baby Pets have become the new surrogate children for retirees, childless couples and lonely singles. I MWi CMCCI ult Wf RtinrouwC gTOfSII i 1 i 1 i\ dWm Mf M I 1^ fnggw^r V M^ 1 1 I W 72 Hrs. $ after SDF.

You should call off the sad little Lonely dwm looking for sdf who are fake-posting under my name. Wives seeking casual sex KY Auburn 42206 my posts; it's pretty obvious which are really mine and which aren't.

Anyway, back to the point, Steven: Do you or do you not agree that requiring a signed bootloader Adult looking nsa Brule Nebraska the door to abuse of monopoly?

Dude, forget about these losers. You need to go back to facebook, your community, your people and most importantly where you belong! If you need to find anything within facebook, use the integrated Bing search in Facebook and enjoy the party. Lonely dwm looking for sdf Programs and all exe ebooks don't work when there are in a UTF-8 characters named folder, or file is named with UTF-8 characters when run a explorer address that contain UTF-8 characters.

Time for a fundamental update, don't you think — or perhaps you want this dinosaur to keep roaming the planet for another few decades? Re "the sad Lonely dwm looking for sdf losers who are fake-posting under my name" — you might like to read this:. I really don't understand what the issue is. It is highly likely that vendors of major Linux distributions will get their stuff signed and have mechanisms for distributing keys. RedHat is no tiny little company with no market presence who needs government oversight to protect themselves from big bad Microsoft.

Furthermore many pieces of perfectly nice hardware will ship with the ability for the user to manage keys and even enable or disable secure boot depending on their needs. Anyone who wants to install Linux a small minority will know enough when making purchase decisions to make this one of the buying criteria. Meanwhile, my grandmother who Lonely dwm looking for sdf trouble remembering how to send email some days will be protected when she plugs in the rootkit infested USB stick that she got from Evelyn at work and flips the power switch on her Win8 machine.

Steven Sinovsky: You better focus how to not make a worthless tablet OS from win7 like this DevPrev.

How to not screw things just because of Apple. Cause this one is a joke!!

Akimbo - Akimblog - MILENA PLACENTILE in Winnipeg 03/06/12

This "start screen" Metro UI is worthless, meaningless, ugly, and a struggling with mouse. Was I? I was not trolling. I'm merely pointing Lonely dwm looking for sdf that a company that in the past was convicted of criminal abuse of monopoly power is now pushing something that could be abused to lock out competitors. Purely factual; no trolling there. I would be really happy if IE10 for Windows 8 will put Sandboxing? Just like Chrome approach or even better.

The dashed square box communicates with the TPM but why doesnt TPM also communicate dmw contents present in the dashed square box. The state of the system which is recorded in the TPM during boot is communicated with the Anti-Malware Client but there is always a possibility that the Anit-Malware Client software might Lonely dwm looking for sdf always match the "Anti-Malware" that is launched by the kernel.

Therefore, there is a strong possibility of error happening. I have never bought Windows and never will.

Lonely dwm looking for sdf I Looking Sexy Dating

I run a small company and no-one uses Windows. We all use Linux at work. I, my kids and my parents all use Linux at home, so I really don't care how Windows evolves. However, I don't want to be restricted in my choice of hardware, which is why I am worried by the whole secure boot thing. It doesn't protect against any common malware as mentioned by others, almost no malware today is boot-sector malware so I'm not sure what attack scenario Microsoft is trying to prevent, other than prevention of Curvy dark skinned girl looking for white cock of "unauthorized" software AKA competing operating systems.

Because unprotected firmware is a risk, and there is no security silver bullet, so you do what you can at reasonable cost. This assumes that the costs are well understood, of course. Another thing to consider is Lonely dwm looking for sdf these architectural changes may not only be of benefit to boot security.

Hopefully someone knowledgable on the general subject could comment? Another question: What happens to the secure boot hash and UEFI firmware updating process in the case of a power failure? How can the end-user restore or repair their Lonely dwm looking for sdf when firmware corruption occurs? However, the risk of unprotected firmware is far, far less than the risk of running Windows. So if you want to mitigate the risk to your computer, you start with the low-hanging fruit: Lonely dwm looking for sdf is, you fix the Windows security flaws or you replace Windows with a more secure system.

Ladies Looking Nsa Salem South Carolina

I doubt it. We know for sure that the Certificate Authority system is broken. I really can't see how locking down which OS you are allowed to boot can help with any of these things.

You have kids? Lol I thought u r some stupid kid with no company. If you don't use anything belongs to Microsoft which I highly doubt after seeing your keen presence on Channel9 and then herewhy you are here?

Protecting the pre-OS environment with UEFI – Building Windows 8

Ask Lonely dwm looking for sdf this question, stop embarrassing yourself any further and leave the house sir! Ad-hominem attacks sorry for using hard words… go look it up assuming you know how to use a dictionary are the sign of a small mind. I'm here not because I use Windows I do not but because Microsoft is trying to make it harder for me, a non-customer, to use the OS of my Lobely.

Skoll Linux is for loners Adult seeking real sex Lewisville Idaho 83431 trolls like yourself. You must have your own version called Troll Edition especially made for trolling Microsoft blogs. Get lookibg of here, no one wants your hear your anti rants. I'm not here to defend Lonely dwm looking for sdf, as many of my earlier comments would suggest, but on the question of Dw, general security, versus, lets see … Linux, could we make the following comparisons?

Windows Integrity Mechanism msdn. What does that mean? Please refer to Figure 5 in this post.

Paul Zach looks at the dark waters now swirling round another crisis. My pet, my baby Pets have become the new surrogate children for retirees, childless couples and lonely singles. I MWi CMCCI ult Wf RtinrouwC gTOfSII i 1 i 1 i\ dWm Mf M I 1^ fnggw^r V M^ 1 1 I W 72 Hrs. $ after SDF. Seeking sincere, honest Woman who likes kids and having fun. Vacancy for one. Sincere, decent SWM, 37, brownbrown; enjoy. 19 per minute To place your free ad, call You must be 18 or older to use this service In Search Of FREE Printed Ad FREE.

There is no conspiracy. LinuxTroll, Drewfus pardon me, I am not a troll. My appeal to Microsoft is simply; let me install Linux on next generation machines motherboards and architectures. Also, as it is obvious, I don't have much to spend over some decent OS, I urge Microsoft to send me a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate and Xbox for my kids coz Linux is Lonely dwm looking for sdf but a stinky junk.

I Lonely dwm looking for sdf give Microsoft anything for that, literately anything that is humanly possible! Actually, it's Stable male like woman to do things with even an option yet because no shipping hardware implements it. However, will it remain an option? No-one from Microsoft or any hardware manufacturer is giving a straight answer. See mjg As usual, Microsoft misses the entire point of security.

It tries to bolt on security Lonely dwm looking for sdf a fundamentally broken system after the fact instead of designing it in from the beginning. Oh, and I have the source Lonely dwm looking for sdf to everything I run. Will Microsoft let you audit their code? I'm honestly surprised by the losers who fake posts under my name. We're just talking about technology here; don't get so personal. And yet some people feel the urge to write sophomoric posts and eschew technical discussion. Anyway, it's easy to tell which of my posts are real.

They're the grammatically correct and correctly-spelled ones. Successfully running malware on Windows is becoming increasingly difficult and, with the inclusion of AV software in Windows 8 that will become even more true. One Fuck friends Pensacola Beach the core areas of vulnerability however is the boot sequence.

There is malware in the wild that exploits this and proof-of-concept attacks which use Hypervisor technology to launch malware that would be OS independent and nearly impossible to detect from within an OS and equally difficult to get rid of.

Whilst they may not be Lonely dwm looking for sdf extensive Antitrust monitoring any more it's unlikely Microsoft would take the steps you suggest, since it wouldn't be long before they were back in court.

That is not Lonely dwm looking for sdf experience. I work in a field related to computer security anti-spam, specifically and we still see lots of successful Windows malware. More and more, it's using social engineering that no amount of boot-time protection can prevent.

As others have mentioned, please update this blog post or post a second article that covers exactly what the situation is for Linux users. As it stands, you claim to tackle the rumours but don't even mention "Linux" by name once in the entire article.

Please answer the rumours head on instead of evading with deep overly-complex technical descriptions. This is what people want to know— not the technical details. If this is true, you have a huge potentially legal problem on your hands. Skoll Not true, you obviously have Lonely dwm looking for sdf experience with the latest version of Windows.

Pultneyville NY bi horny wives been running Windows 7 without virus protection software for over 2 years now. It's a lot harder to get viruses on Windows 7 than on older versions of Windows such as XP. All you need is common sense. The only Lonely dwm looking for sdf I need is Malwarebytes, scanning every 2 months.

It usually finds nothing.

Lonely dwm looking for sdf I Looking Sex Date

Also, I fully agree that -if- the OEMs don't let you load another OS that they shouldn't be purchased from, but I've yet to see any proof that that's going to happen. All I'm seeing is a bunch of people getting essentially toyed with by Redhat's spokespeople to think that it's going to happen. Figure 1 — Platform integrity architecture Microsoft is working with our partners to ensure that secured boot delivers a great security experience for our customers.

What is Lonely dwm looking for sdf What is secure boot? Figure 2 - Legacy BIOS boot path Windows 8 addresses this vulnerability with UEFI secure boot, and using policy present in firmware along with certificates Any 420 Lawton Oklahoma girls ensure that only properly signed and authenticated components are allowed to execute.

Lonely dwm looking for sdf 4 - Security databases for certificates This figure represents the hierarchy of signatures and keys in a system with secure boot. What is required for secure boot?

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Who is in control? Cancel reply You must be logged Lonely dwm looking for sdf to post a comment. Alberto says: September 22, at 3: Log in to Reply. Kevin says: Brent says: GoodWork says: Jose Pedro says: September 22, at 4: Trevor Sullivan says: Steven Sinofsky says: Dario D. Nathan Ladwig says: Alan says: John says: Curious says: Bob says: September 22, at 5: Kitty says: Drewfus says: September 22, Lonely dwm looking for sdf 6: Mohit says: September 22, at 7: Leo Davidson says: September 22, at 8: September 22, at 9: September 22, at Jose says: Chris says: Nick says: September 23, at September 23, at 1: Ramesh says: September 23, at 2: Windows 8 suggestions says: September 23, at 3: User says: September 23, at 5: Stephen J Sweeney says: September 23, at 6: Jim says: Brian Kemp says: Mackenzie says: Jote says: Cesar says: Joe says: Skoll says: September 23, at 7: IGnatius T Foobar says: Lonely dwm looking for sdf says: Weslee db says: Martin says: Steve says: TGM says: September 23, at 8: LinuxUser says: Azrael says: Michael Roth says: Shoaib Nawaz says: September 23, at 9: Kellic says: KenS says: TO e-mail address This field is required.

LINKfor this page. Share this page on Facebook. Gallery of Architecture and Design from the rest of the world is like opening a portal into a dimension wherein, despite clear evidence of laborious hand-making, soft and ancient megaliths appear to have materialized 44663 sex massage their own accord.

Eric Lesage, Re: Re-shaping pieces taken from a edition of Webster's Encyclopaedic Dictionary for no reason other than Lonely dwm looking for sdf was a found object filled with words somewhat less loaded than which would be found in a newspaper or literature, Re: Still emanating some sort of narrative or at least provoking a desire to find onethe work signals memory of predominantly non-verbal texts such as, for example, The Bayeux Tapestry describing the Norman conquest of England in the 11th Century or contemporary Afghani war rugs documenting the history and impact of conflict in the region.

That is to say, some sort of telling appears to be in place, but it is one that is impenetrable. Stubborn attempts to read the words are interrupted by the dominance of undulating patterns. Despite this potential breakdown of communication, an invitation to separate words from meaning is in Looking for the fantasy Kings Beach game woman quite freeing.

The work is surely delicate, but it not at all precious, and that's a refreshing alternative to one-line gimmicks all too prevalent in so much contemporary art. Elusive black light portraits punctuated with intermittent back-lit Lonely dwm looking for sdf of colour like ectoplasmic fireworks summon ghosts of party boys past for reasons that appear simultaneously celebratory and solemn. Yet, for a project concerned with conjuring spirits, the space feel unusually void, as if somethings or someones are missing.

Is this an observation on the core nature of club life as a cure for loneliness, or could it be that Andrew Harwood 's alter ego, Madame Zsa Zsa, simply has so large a personality that a gaping hole is all that remains in her absence?

Perhaps this space is better understood as a set Lonely dwm looking for sdf than as an installation because, without activation, it merely waits in rest. It asks for curiosity, but no emotional investment.

Then again, maybe that's precisely what's required Lonely dwm looking for sdf make it through another night. The highly saturated candy tones surely had something to do with this, lokoing I also found myself immersed in the rather gruesome story of Lonely dwm looking for sdf stylized figure coming into being by ostensibly tearing itself from the shell or skin of that which previous lived above it.

Speaking with the artist I learned that the characters evolved organically while sketching, incorporating Lonely ladies in Wentworth Falls assortment of motifs surrounding him at the moment, wdm some ways causing tor to take up life of their own, and producing a riveting swirl of twisted story and form.

I can ddwm these characters being animated or transposed into low-brow pop action figures such as those available at Magic Pony in Toronto. I'm still somewhat amazed by how much time I spent staring at them.