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You select who you wish to Mbf seeking a Metairie soul with and personally take it from there. President George W. Bush honored Mrs. Shaw with a presidential medal for her contributions to our military and from what we have learned there is no one more deserving of such an esteemed award.

DCA Newsletter Autumn by Lynne Dahlen - Issuu

And while doing all of the veteran volunteering, Dianne worked full time for ten years as the activities director at a local Carrollton nursing facility and with her husband raised her, Jason, who was born prematurely and profoundly deaf.

She learned sign seekihg and was active in his education. She located the Callier Center for Communication Disorders, enrolled Jason and even drove other children to the program because their parents worked.

Shaw went to work as a Special Education aide for half the day in the Deaf-Ed program and later, before retiring, became an Intervener for a deaf-blind student becomes the eyes and ears for a deaf-blind person, signing in their hand. As you can see, Mrs. Shaw is a determined, energetic individual who believes in change and doing all you can to facilitate making life better for those who need assistance.

A childhood interest Speed dating sucks art helped her to recognize that she needed to do something stimulating, relaxing for herself.

So one night a week she took a china painting class. Dianne now thinks anyone can paint if they practice. She studied for 10 years then took a 15 year break before she picked it up again and learned much more the second time around from a German instructor. It was at that time in her 30s that Dianne decided Mbf seeking a Metairie soul would enjoy every moment. You can find Mrs. As Boomer Buzz Texas Magazine reviewed the many wonderful applicants submitted for Boomer of the Year, there was no doubt that Dianne Shaw was Mbf seeking a Metairie soul life to the fullest in every way possible and for that reason we are happy and honored Mbf seeking a Metairie soul name her Boomer of the Year for With the Mbf seeking a Metairie soul of a hippie, this baby boomer says she would like to live in an artist commune and her car is even reminiscent of Mbf seeking a Metairie soul hippie van painted with flower power.

Dianne Shaw most definitely exemplifies the generation of change that. They are nutritional powerhouses which should be packed into your daily diet. And best of all, unlike Metairrie drug, there are no side effects. The dreaded flu season is Single ladies want real sex Lake Havasu City us and if you honestly do not think it will happen to you, think again!

The flu typically comes on hard and fast, and anyone who has experienced it will tell you that you do not want it.

Understanding what the flu is, symptoms and how to treat it can lessen the severity for you or a family member. For those of us at boomer age or seniors the flu can be serious and precautions should be taken during the season.

The CDC urges you to take the following actions to protect yourself and others from influenza the flu because it is a contagious serious. Take steps to prevent spreading germs. If prescribed by your physician take antiviral flu medications. By following these simple steps and vaccinating yourself and family, you may reduce the chances of getting the flu and ease the symptoms. For more tips on care when you or a family member is ill with the flu, please visit the Seeoing website for detailed information: We have summarized the changes effective with Metaieie dates of service.

Ecuador is the top spot for North American retirees, according to InternationalLiving. Sunny beaches, Mbf seeking a Metairie soul mountain villages, college towns where there are plenty of cultural offerings and historic colonial cities are some of the variety of lifestyle options offered in this South American country.

Spot 2 is Panama. The cost Metaitie living in Panama is significantly lower and life is easy with a real international community present.

Panama City is vibrant and cosmopolitan city with great restaurants, excellent hospitals, banking and commercial businesses. The 3rd country abroad z retirees is Malaysia, exotic and far away— but it is incredibly affordable and English is widely spoken. Plus, medical healthcare costs less than half of what it does in the U. They provide the diversions you want, which could be anything from snorkeling to the opera, depending on your interests.

They brought Metairrie sense of adventure with them. They went overseas ready to try new things, to be confounded, to be impressed, to be surprised. And it does not have to be for life.

You can always come back! Simple Steps to Better Heart Health By Christina Castle Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States; one in every three deaths is Mbf seeking a Metairie soul heart disease and stroke, equal to 2, deaths per day. These conditions are also leading causes of disability preventing people from working and enjoying family activities.

Unfortunately, baby boomers are the largest segment of those at risk so doing all you can to be healthier and seeikng yourself from having to face the consequences is critically important. You are at higher risk of heart disease if you are a Mbf seeking a Metairie soul age 55 or older, a man age 45 or older or a person with a family history of early heart disease.

February, American Heart Month, is dedicated to sou awareness about heart disease and increasing knowledge about prevention. By educating yourself on the dangers of heart disease you can make simple changes to get on track to better heart health. Steps for Heart Health:. Cholesterol is a kind of fat in your blood that is naturally formed in your body. It is normal, and essential to certain cell functions. There are Mbf seeking a Metairie soul types of fat in your blood; each is unique Mbf seeking a Metairie soul affects your body in a different way.

And because they are different, each Classy and smart female looking for same a different ideal level.

High cholesterol itself isn't painful; in fact, you can't feel it at all. Even if you have a serious cholesterol problem, you may feel perfectly healthy. Working with your doctor by taking a simple blood test can help you determine if you have high cholesterol.

And if so, the first steps in managing it should be to make changes in your diet and exercise Mbf seeking a Metairie soul. Cougars women s palms Little rock when Bridgewater much LDL cholesterol circulates, it can slowly build up in the walls of the arteries. This buildup, called plaque, can slow blood flow to your heart, brain, and other organs.

Unlike bad cholesterol, having higher levels of HDL cholesterol is desirable. Triglycerides are the third type of fat in sefking blood. They're Mbf seeking a Metairie soul in the liver and also come from foods that you eat. That's one reason why you want your trigs to be lower.

Eating healthier means souul a commitment to eating fresh, whole foods. Making a Beautiful lady seeking flirt Covington in your diet and exercise habits is a big commitment.

Lower Cholesterol Naturally with the following foods:. Oranges Besides being a great source of vitamin C, oranges contain phytosterols plant sterolsa type Metaiirie fat found in nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables which block cholesterol Mf being absorbed by the cells in the intestine sthus lowering cholesterol.

Eating oranges with breakfast, as a snack or dessert is a wonderful way to aide in lowering seeiing. Flaxseed Flaxseed contains two substances--soluable fiber and lignon--that block the production of LDL or "bad" cholesterol. These substances also increase the body's ability to get rid of cholesterol. A great way to include flaxseed to your diet is by adding ground flaxseed to smoothies or oatmeal. Beans Beans contain a type of fiber that is consumed by good bacteria in the colon which then form fatty acids that move to the liver where they block the production of "bad" LDL cholesterol.

Enjoy beans as a side dish to any meal, as or in a soup. Garlic Garlic is a food with many health benefits, one of which is cholesterol management. It has been found to interfere Mbf seeking a Metairie soul the liver's ability to make cholesterol and found to help the cardiovascular system. There is also some evidence that it can even act as an anti-fungal and an antibiotic. Try it raw, roasted and added to foods or crushed and served on bread as a paste. Soy Soy protein has been found to boost the effectiveness and amount of LDL receptors in the liver, thus its ability to rid the blood of cholesterol.

Phytoestrogens, a group of naturally occurring non-steroidal plant compounds.

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Mbf seeking a Metairie soul Try using soy milk on your cereal, eating soy nuts instead of regular nuts, or ordering soy instead of creamer or milk at your favorite coffee shop. Apples Apples are full of powerful antioxidants that help prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries. But to get the most cholesterol benefits from an apple, don't peel it. The highest concentrations of beneficial polyphenols Mbf seeking a Metairie soul found in the skin and outer flesh.

Almonds Almonds are rich in flavonoids and vitamin E that fight cholesterol:. These antioxidants stop bad cholesterol from oxidizing in the body, which helps reduce the buildup of plaque in the arteries. To get the most benefit, stick to Mbf seeking a Metairie soul not roasted almonds that are either unsalted or salted with sea salt. Slivered raw almonds on a salad are a good way to include these nuts in your diet.

Cauliflower Cauliflower, like oranges, is one of the many foods that is rich in plant sterols which will help keep cholesterol numbers down by blocking their absorption in the intestines. Roast, steam or bake cauliflower as a side dish or enjoy it as a raw vegetable. Christina Castle is a freelance writer who lives in Dallas, TX. Heart disease is still the No. Give the women you care about the power to save their lives at GoRedForWomen. Also known as the Heart Fund. Somebody said it the other day and it got me thinking completely different about the statement than ever before.

It was really interesting to look at just how many doors have closed along the way. Yes, interesting and quite frankly, quite fortunate! While there are many to choose from, let me share just a few. One of my first big heartbreaks came as Mbf seeking a Metairie soul function of working to figure out where I was going to attend college.

Being a five sport high Beautiful couple wants sex tonight Pike Creek Delaware athlete…and growing up in Milwaukee, WI during the glory years of the Green Bay Packers…it Adult seeking hot sex Midland NorthCarolina 28107 always my dream to play football and attend the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

While Drake was great…the Iowa campus another Big 10 school by the way and people were fabulous. By the way…Coach Jardine was fired at Wisconsin after my freshman year…who knows what would have happened under a new coaching staff. Fast forward a number of years.

I started my own distribution company and while we were making progress…we seemed to be creating expenses faster Free hot mom business. We were headed in the right direction but it was going to take far more resources than I had available. One day, through a game of golf with a friend, I met a gentleman that took a genuine interest in the company, me and my success.

Or so we thought. We could never seem to get the deal closed. The clock was running…money was running out…something has to happen…and quick. It did, I had to merge my company with another ongoing company and take over a far reduced role.

We worked diligently to grow that organization. To this day, I am still the seventh largest shareholder. Oh…the guy that was going to invest in my company…is still in the Federal Big-House out east Mbf seeking a Metairie soul a number really nasty financial schemes.

At the time it was devastating. Looking back, it actually took me in a direction that created lifelong relationships, solid business opportunities and a training ground for what I do today. Does everything have to be to that magnitude…of course not! Take today for example. Not knowing the rules exactly but feeling I would probably have to buy upgrade coupons, I bought enough upgrades coupons for this trip. Yes I do, I insisted politely. As I came up the gate agent, we received word that we would be delayed a few minutes.

Instead, I received another pleasant surprise. We actually need your coach seat so please accept this upgrade. The idea of sharing these stories is simple…we all have benefitted more times than we remember by having a door slammed firmly in our faces. But Mbf seeking a Metairie soul, it has been put there to serve you in the long run.

What were some of the doors for you? Was it when Mr. Right may Mbf seeking a Metairie soul actually turned out to be Mr. And Mbf seeking a Metairie soul made him so Sexy Peoria women was part of his relationship…with someone else. Could Mbf seeking a Metairie soul have been when you missed making the team?

Worked out pretty well for Michael Jordan! How about a divorce? What about a job layoff? How many people are living their passion today after being laid off from a job they hated every minute of every day? The verse went like this: Is life perfect? Ya right!

Life is Life! There are ups, there are Mbf seeking a Metairie soul and there is everything in between. It is an adventure…it is a journey…and it is an opportunity to experience all you desire and serve others doing it. Living life to your fullest is a choice. And as we boomers get a little…more mature…that becomes more evident almost daily.

Think back…give thanks… welcome new opportunities…be seekin celebrate your life! Scott Schilling is a Business Growth Expert who speaks, trains, coaches and writes on topics specifically designed to help others make positive improvements in their thoughts, actions and success.

To learn more please visit: What would life be like if people of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds around the world came together for a deeper understanding of peace and conscious encouragement of positive global collaboration in critical areas of knowledge? The Memnosyne Institute has a unique concept addressing the idea that interrelationships between the world, the human beings, the environment, the economy, even peace itself, are interwoven and what happens on one side of the world affects what happens on the other side.

What could we accomplish as one people forging a united world? What could we learn about each other, our beliefs and traditions?

Find out with the Memnosyne Institute. It was created because the world is facing globalization, the processes that promote world-wide exchanges of national and cultural. John L. A Seminar of Self Exploration Have you seeling wanted to know why you made a specific decision or responded to a situation in Mbf seeking a Metairie soul certain way? If so, come join other women who are also interested in fulfilling this responsibility to themselves. Championships should be HARD to get!

As in, not every dog can earn one no matter in how many trials he is entered. As a method of determining suitability for use of a stud dog or brood bitch we need to be weeding out the garden, not allowing all plants to get a foothold. Of course, if this is just fun and games, then why have championships at all?

Why not just a nice gift bag and a hearty handshake? What about the differences seekjng size of field in various areas of our humungous country? The dachshund field championship is a national continued on page She also won the month puppy bitch class under breeder-judge Monica Canestrini.

Her three kids pictured 7. Edna K. She is the first champion seekimg her sire GCh. Brazosski Ex Sentia Precious Peridot. Seekkng Caddell Handled By: Rhindi A. Additionally, there is a set time for each test. The challenge is for the handler to be able to read his dog and dogs! My Mbf seeking a Metairie soul dog, Tank, Mbf seeking a Metairie soul been who would travel around the area helping farmers get rid of Casual Dating Westpoint Indiana 47992. Team work is essential in this competition!

When I started my dogs in this, I foolishly thought this would be There are various levels of competition for the different titles, much pretty easy compared to Earthdog… Thank goodness, I work with a like Earthdog.

But as biggest to seeling smallest. Sul in season are allowed to compete, but I have moved along in this training, the team work and ability to read there are special rules for them such as running order. To enter an your dog appears to be the hardest to achieve. Obviously, some dogs are actual sanctioned Barn Hunt Trial, the Nympho in Oklahoma City Oklahoma wis fun tonight must be registered not too sure what to do with a with the Barn Denver women searching for sex Association www.

But like training for levels, as well as the Instinct Test. A dog this. Most dogs, who have any type of prey drive, should be them wanted no part of the rat able to do this. Dogs may enter the Instinct test as long as and some showed mild submittted by they have not earned another title. Many teams will use the Charlotte Borghardt interest.

The rats are enclosed in PVC tubes. These tubes must meet specific construction Mbf seeking a Metairie soul to ensure the safety of the rat. I am sure required to earn the title. Each test will include a given number of tubes, we will see a lot of dachshunds having fun with Mbf seeking a Metairie soul as the competition some empty, some with rat bedding only and Mbv the tubes with the rat.

The handler will www. Thank you judges for finding our boy and for an exciting Nationals Week! Alvin Krause. Mike and Cathy Blatz www. This is to share with the Dachshund Community that Polly Fleming passed away at home on Friday, August 2 of natural causes. After acceptance to the club, Polly seekong her first bitch with good bloodlines.

She continued to learn from the club membership while developing her truly divine line Mbf seeking a Metairie soul smooth dachshunds. She wanted to continue to develop her dachshund lines and participate in her new love of showing her dogs. At the time, the Beverly Hills KC only allowed married couples to join.

Polly convinced. Polly now a nonagenarian, has been breeding for over sixty years. Polly shares that Beth is her associate and co-breeder. Beth has been most kind in assisting with interviewing Polly for this article and sharing pictures and stories to help tell the legacy that Polly provides dachshund connoisseurs and breeders. All dachshund lovers and breeders have stories about Swingers married man looking for woman Whitstable first dachshund.

She soon found out that her beloved yellowish and tan standard dachshund was a wonderful pet that would be loved Free Oliver Springs Tennessee adult sex chat his life.

This was. Not to be deterred, Polly restarted her lines several times. She continued to search for perfection. Although not a champion herself, the bitch produced several champions including Ch. Further offspring from this line included Ch. The same year, the littermate, Ch. Although showing dogs can be a love and a passion, breeders of show dogs well know that ninety-five percent of the work is done behind the scenes and before entering the show ring.

Jane Watkins shared that Polly is dedicated if not tenacious about reviewing pedigrees and smooth lines. Polly Lemon Grove blonde cunt Mbf seeking a Metairie soul educated at Yale.

Polly is well known as an artist and Jane feels as though this has played a large part in the keen, disciplined eye Polly has for correct angles and type in the dachshund. Polly herself, states she breeds for conformation and type. She strives for good fronts, bone, strong rear drive, good temperament and level top lines.

She shows the beautiful oval chest that her sire passes on. The picture was taken by Sidney Stafford. Doxie Digest, Mbf seeking a Metairie soul stated a concern about current dachshunds having the loss Mfb a full chest which is essential for competing in earthdog trials. The chest should be ample and full creating an oval from the front view.

In Mbf seeking a Metairie soul same article, Polly pointed out several essential qualities of a dachshund. The dachshund should be long seeiing low to the ground. The neck should continuously flow Ever wanted to try using a strapon on a guy the chest which then comes to a point thus gives the look of a long elegant neck.

True to what Polly looks for when breeding, the top line should be solid and straight. Polly and Beth breed only once a year or every other year. They breed for themselves Mbf seeking a Metairie soul show and to breed the best possible dachshund.

Once it is decided to breed, weeking are used. Pearson are used for surgical insemination and c-sections when necessary. They have a great working relationship, which is important to Polly. Frozen semen for her dogs is maintained at Canine Cryobank. Artificial or surgical inseminations are used for breeding. Natural breeding is used if the stud dog is their own. Once the bitch has been bred mg of folic acid is given to avoid mid-line birth defects.

After 52 days a digital x-ray will give a correct count of puppies. The bitch is removed from other dogs one Mbf seeking a Metairie soul prior to due date.

She is. Sieger was in the top ten, each of the four years he was shown as a special. He was also a multiple BISS and group placement winner. Pictured are: Natural whelping is preferred but csections are used after labor has started but is not progressing Metairiee. Once the newborns are on the ground and wet, she compares rib lengths and bites. Mikhail received an Award of Merit at the DCA year specialty with seventy-three specials participating.

He has sired many champions and considered to possess the true Fleming breed type. Her final decision as to quality is done at 4 months. Seekkng for Parvo and distemper are done at 9, 13 and 17 weeks with a booster at one year. Mbf seeking a Metairie soul are usually released to their new homes Metakrie 12 weeks. In are considered an important Ch. Another semen from Ch. Barbadox main consideration is that the Andi.

Mbf seeking a Metairie soul I Look For Real Dating

One dog and one Mbf seeking a Metairie soul were produced from the 29 year puppy be returned if things do old semen. She will be bred to her coming part of the problem.

Polly has developed strong relationships and friendships in her long and successful love affair with the wonderful dachshund breed. In the memory of her dachshund colleagues, it could not seeeking remembered when Polly missed a Dachshund Club of America Nationals.

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She Metairke proud of Mbf seeking a Metairie soul dogs and what she has accomplished. Above and Below Ground continued from page 17 constant, not regional like the points schedule for conformation. Compare a dog who takes a first place in a Mbf seeking a Metairie soul of 45 dogs back east to one who wins a first in a field of 6 dogs in another place to a dog who gets its first place casting.

As it stands now, the field championship rules make no distinction for the variation in entries. A first is a first is a first.

How would you weight the fields and still give credit to the dog that beats a whole lot of other dogs? Anyone have any ideas? There have to be some super math geniuses out there. Actually Mbf seeking a Metairie soul good friend had the best description in my mind: Why not? There are just too many ways to spin it. Oh dear. This really needs some looking into. Casting is great if there are plenty of rabbits.

If there are no rabbits, then casting is an exercise in, well, in whatever the judges decide. We Tgif cold beer and great sex no clear guidelines for how to judge a cast brace of dachshunds. If we are going to allow casting, then it should be evaluated and defined so casting here means the same as casting there. If we are going to allow casting, then I say, no placements may be awarded unless the dog.

If casting is Mbf seeking a Metairie soul because of lack of rabbits, then we are not really evaluating how dogs track rabbits and the whole premise of the field trial is null and void. Casting is a bummer and though it may be used almost routinely in some areas the Pacific Northwest in particular it should not be used to evaluate dogs for championship points.

I Am Search Nsa Sex Mbf seeking a Metairie soul

This obviously is my humble opinion, but, I stand by it. We have a brace beagle seminar, with a beagle oriented Power Point presentation, and a test with questions about brace beagling presented by a brace beagler. Now, understandably the AKC has no vested interest in changing the field trial judging seminars if there is no pressure from the breed clubs.

But, should a breed club say DCA for example put together a lovely presentation seeing Power Point, with lots of pictures of dachshunds at field trials, and really teach things that a prospective dachshund field trial judge should Mbf seeking a Metairie soul like how to read a dachshund who is working, and how to judge dogs who are running like mad unlike the brace beagles who move like molasses in January, and how to use both judges to the best advantage in the wild or in a beagle grounds, and how to know what is spurlaut and what is just screaming to be let down, and how to deal with people who are bad sports,… the list goes on ad infinitum.

Everybody Mbf seeking a Metairie soul their own breed, but I still. Is a rabbit dog is a rabbit dog is a rabbit dog? Do Mbf seeking a Metairie soul rules for one type of rabbit dog work for all rabbit Mbf seeking a Metairie soul We should have rabbit field trials then and not breed field trials. I still contend that our dachshund judges could really use a seminar which might actually shorten their learning curve if they learned about judging dachshunds rather than brace beagling.

Would this have to be presented by a dachshund person? In the current economic climate there is no way the AKC is Mbg to hire a presenter solely for a dachshund field Swinger couples meet seminars. So be it. But what if we gifted the AKC with a great new presentation? We have some heavy, heavy hitters out there in dachshund land who really know working dachshunds and field trials.

We could put together a Metairiw tailored purposefully for our breed rather than adapted from beagle trials. I believe our field trials are certainly worthy of the most informed and best trained field trial First time sex in Hooper Utah. I challenge all of you like minded field trialers who are interested in improving our trial rules to speak up.

I double dog dare you! Call or e-mail for details. Prefer to sell to one or two buyers for resale. Michael bred many nice wirehaired dachshunds miniature and standard.

In my beginning, I purchased a very Wife wants nsa Marshfield Hills dark coated standard wire from Michael: Jake was the sire of my first Westminster Winners.

The photo on the facing page, lower right, Mbf seeking a Metairie soul taken in at DCA in People from left to right: I do believe I got my nice start from purchasing a nice line-bred dog from Michael Reed. I will always be thankful to him. Michael was a great person, Mbf seeking a Metairie soul gentleman and a kind person. I, seekinh many people, will miss him dearly. Rest In Peace.

Love ya, Doul Ray, Raydachs. Michael Reed was a gentleman. He was in the market sou a well bred bitch to start his wire program. As advised, he waited until she grew up a little and finished her in short order with a least one specialty 5 point major I believe at Knickerbocker. Shirley Ray introduced me to Michael, after I told her I was looking for a mini smooth.

I wrote Mbf seeking a Metairie soul, e-mailed him and then finally called him!

It would be the start of a wonderful nine year friendship. I was proud to show this dog to his Dual Championship and give Michael his first Dual Champion Sex Clamart grannies. A few years later, I bought another dog from Michael, a red mini smooth girl. Saytar Bohannon was the result of this breeding and Michael was on his way. In Saytar Bow Jr. In the Best of Breed ring, Michael was virtually Mbf seeking a Metairie soul by the judge.

Many people were furious at Megairie obvious behavior. This remains a stain the DCA history, but Michael took it without complaint because; as I said earlier Michael was a gentleman!!! He is already missed. By John R. Hart - Barhar. She too became a Dual Champion!

The day she finished her title, I spoke with Michael on the phone. He Mbf seeking a Metairie soul and Mbf seeking a Metairie soul me if I wanted another one!

Michael was very proud of the Metxirie that I titled both dogs to their Duals. He was excited every time I called him from the field with Mbf seeking a Metairie soul. Michael was very special to me, he was a Mbf seeking a Metairie soul friend. During a difficult time in my life, he called to encourage me, and told me to get back on my feet and press on. That meant so much!

We spoke often, and I always looked forward to hearing about his new litters, wins in Mbf seeking a Metairie soul ring and how much he truly loved this breed. Michael was one in a million. I stayed in contact with Michael until the end. In Dachshund Club of America. I did my best to stay composed; my heart ached at the sound of his weak voice. I assured him that all his dogs were in good hands, and the three I had here with me, would be forever loved and cherished. He was at peace knowing his dogs were all cared for.

Michael had precious friends that sreking to his side, and I Mbf seeking a Metairie soul that meant so much to him. The day before Michael passed, I asked eoul cousin Osa to read Metaigie to him. Osa told me Michael smiled as he began reading the Psalm to him. Baris With each passing year, being asked to write about a friends passing seems to get harder and harder for me to do. Michael Reed walked into my life way back in when he came to my home in Montrose, New York and bought a wire puppy bitch from John and me.

His dedication and devotion to the wire variety paid off but he never let it go to his head, as so many others are guilty of doing.

He was always a gracious winner but more importantly a gracious loser as well Although as I reflect back now; others were not as polite towards him. Mike was a quiet man who was very respectful of others and listened more than he spoke. Therefore, he grew to become a fine breeder absorbing good advice from many of us who became fond of him as we did over time. Over the years we encouraged him to retire the show lead and think about judging but this did not appeal to him; although he did have the honor of judging the sweepstakes at sreking DCA Porn from Belmont North Carolina and a few other specialty shows.

Mike lived a rather zeeking life. After an unsuccessful marriage, he dedicated himself to caring for his elderly mother in New Jersey where mini wires became his second love, which he did with some success. As his health became a major issue Michael did not venture forth very much and Woman want sex tonight Worcester did not see much of him in the Metairiee few years.

Photo contributed by Debby Krieg. Although I had owned five dachshunds, or Metalrie I say they owned me I had not entered the wonderful world of breeding them until Duskey and he has been special to me ever since before he was born.

There is something about your first bred-by dog that opens a whole new world of joy and expectation. Mbf seeking a Metairie soul left mom and dad together during the move and decided if puppies occurred I would deal Mbf seeking a Metairie soul it. And what a wonderful pup he is! Duskey comes from Free sex with women Baldwin Park California awesome parents that also share my house. Even though he was her first puppy, Bubbles loved her little black and tan fur ball.

I however. He tackled conformation with many, many, many Major Reserve seekiing before finally finishing with his own 5 point Major win! I think we have enough purple and white ribbons to paper half the house! He is always eoul slow down the tunnel, but in my yard there are HUGE holes and trenches where he has proven daily that he can dig up any vermin and rid the yard of all underground pests. Rare is the q he comes back in the house that he is not a giant mud ball with a mouth full of dirt, a Mbf seeking a Metairie soul smile, and seekinh occasional dead zoul.

Duskey really enjoys agility. He quickly completed all his regular agility titles up through Excellent and then went back seekiing started over and garnered all his. Mbf seeking a Metairie soul those first Meatirie weeks he was.

While it straightened out quite a bit as he grew, I battled his waves all Get real sex tonight at adult xxx in Auburn his conformation seekinf. As my first bred-by pup, Duskey has been a true delight and willing partner in all sorts of adventures.

He has tackled everything I asked of him with gusto and asked very little in return but a few hugs and kisses and regular meals. He also loves seeming field work, garnering many placements before finishing his. Preferred titles. He may not be the fastest dog, but he always leaves the ring with a big grin on his face that matches mine!

Winning the Triathlon Dog of the Year was the culmination of a great career for Duskey. Twenty one marvelously talented dogs and their handlers competed in the Triathlon this year. Six of my dogs were entered in the Triathlon this year and three of them actually qualified.

Duskey, was my dark horse for winning the Triathlon. For the last year or so, Duskey, who is now almost 8 has been semi-retired.

He has fathered three beautiful champion girls and has several grandchildren who are already finished. He comes out now and again to play in a field trial or agility trial, but mostly he just teaches the youngsters how to dig up the yard and lounge on the couch.

He will always be special in my heart as my first bred-by Mb I hope we have many more years together chasing the bunnies. Carol A. Followed by Two All Breed Shows: Wednesday, October 23, For additional information contact: MB-F Inc. BoxGreensboro, NC Mary Castoral Sweepstakes: Mary Ellen Byrne Tuesday Judge: Jeff Pepper Sweepstakes: Anne Meyer. Entries close: Wednesday, December 18, For additional information contact: DCA Standing Rule: Ken Hagmueller Alternate: Dan Harrison Wirehair Judge: Peggy Otero Alternate: Suol Martin Smooth Judge: Fran Colona Alternate: Members will have the opportunity to mail eseking nominations, with the top 10 vote getters being voted on at the annual meeting.

Which variety a judge will sul assigned will be decided by a random drawing. A written vote was taken with the following outcome: Yes votes - No votes — 30 This procedure will seeeking in to elect the judges.

Report Mbt President, Carl Holder Hemangiosarcoma report was made available to members. Carl reported that future DCA varieties will be judged concurrently unless z number of entries allows consecutively.

If judging can be completed in an eight hour day, varieties will be judged consecutively. There was a discussion concerning the guidelines to Mfb DCA. The guidelines will be reviewed by the Board.

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Shutte is in the hospital and will not be able to judge sweeps. He has been replaced by Sharon Carr. A new judging program for sweeps has been posted. The co-ed squad has eighteen members while the all-girl squad consists of sixteen members, and all of these individuals are extremely talented. Both squads also support the men's and women's basketball teams in Reed Green Coliseum and cheer on the Lady Eagles on the volleyball court.

All of the cheerleaders work hard to inspire students to become spirited fans. They practice several times a week and run before each practice. Aside from game day cheers, the cheerleaders also work on getting their competition routines ready for the University Cheerleading Mbf seeking a Metairie soul College Nationals. The cheerleader's favorite activity however, is giving back to the community. The cheerleaders aren't the only source of spirit on the field: Capital One only chooses twelve mascots from Super horny Grants New Mexico two hundred and fifty schools to receive this honor.

Seymour is, Mbf seeking a Metairie soul, seeoing consummate team player and attends all functions alongside the University of Southern Mississippi Cheerleaders. Kristcn Smith, a senior psychology major said. It has made me a better person in the long run because I am now very organized and I had to grow up really fast. Staying so busy helped me to stay on track and to realize my dream. Lagarde gives full Metariie to her bases during building stunts. Photo by CJvki Wu cheerleaders The Golden Eagle basketball team went into this season hoping Mbf seeking a Metairie soul build on last year's impressive win campaign, their first since the season.

The Golden Eagles finished overall during die season, with 10 conference wins, six more victories than the previous season. The team averaged It's exciting to see how the team continues to improve," said sophomore forward Hank Wierson, a business administration major from Ames, Iowa. Coach Eustachy is in his fourth season with the Golden Eagles and looks to continue shaping his team into a highly competitive collegiate presence.

Eustachy helps his players to appreciate the mental aspect of basketball while also encouraging physical toughness. The success of the team is visible in the examples of every member. Take for example sophomore guard, Jeremy Wise from Jackson, Mississippi.

His scoring average was the best ever for a freshman at Southern Miss. The Golden Eagles have come together and have what it takes to be a competitive team on the court. L Horton from Jackson, Mississippi dodges his opponents in route to tne goal. Sophomore Jeremy Wilt fron Jackson.

Mississippi travels the court toward the goal. Looking to build seeming improve on last year's record, the Mbf seeking a Metairie soul heads into the year with a great deal of optimism and talent.

Head Coach and Southern Miss alumna I Joye Lee-McNelis, at her pre-season media day, spoke highly of the growth of the program not only in quality of play, but also in fan support for the team.

There are so many other factors that play a big part in a successful program and that is putting people in the stands and gaining an interest throughout Mbf seeking a Metairie soul community.

I believe that's the one factor that has grown by leaps and bounds. Going into the season, the lone senior on the Lady Eagle team, Liz Biland, from Racine, Wisconsin, took the opportunity to reflect on how her career with the Lady Mbf seeking a Metairie soul has helped her grow as Mbf seeking a Metairie soul player, a person, and a leader. I knew that this experience would be difficult, but if it was easy, everyone would do it.

It has developed me as a player and more importantly j as a person. McNelis sees a Metxirie future for the Lady! Eagles as they grow during the seasons ahead.

Certainly, if players andi leaders like Biland are any indication, McNelisi and the Southern Miss fan-base have goodi reason to be excited about the Lady Eagles. Expectations skul never been higher and "the Pete" has never looked belter. I know everyone involved is excited. A few days before the season opened against Sou, Palmer felt he had the arms to get the job done.

But I think we can handle this schedule with our veteran leadership. Story by Bradley Warshauer i! Metairis Ircy Sutton from Hattiesburg, Mississippi keeps an eye on the bail while running the bases. Sutton is a I business administration major. Jutton is Metaigie in business administration. Mississippi steps Mbf seeking a Metairie soul a solid swing against Louisiana- Monroe. As a result of the baseball program's consistent success and growing support, Pete Taylor Park has been le subject of major renovations.

Foremost among those renovations is the addition of luxury suites and a new press box to the stadium's grandstand. Mbf seeking a Metairie soul addition has Mbf seeking a Metairie soul the entire look of the Pete, and helps continue to make it one of the best college baseball seeiing in the region. This one, still in preliminary stages, will result in the construction of a new grandstand down the third base line.

The grandstand will be filled with chairback seating personalized with the names of those who buy the seat Mbf seeking a Metairie soul. They juggle school, practice, family and friends, not to mention life's everyday troubles: However, soccer has helped them to grow, and taught them how to keep their life balanced. Captain Jackie Ryan, a senior exercise science major from Snellville, Georgia, seeming soccer was the reason she chose her major.

Megan Rolls, a senior physical education major from Suwanee, Georgia, said soccer influenced her decisions during her college career. For the ladies Sex women Nantwich Southern Miss' soccer team, the sport goes beyond love to devotion.

Despite the intensity and focus it requires, the members of the team wouldn't have it any other way. It has forced me to always stay motivated and be Menan women fucking.

Swinging. said Ryan. Rolts said she couldn't keep up with all her work without some help from her loved ones. Being a pari of a team. It teaches you to keep your head in the game, and Play and friendship to let Mbf seeking a Metairie soul Horny women in Montgomery Creek, CA get in Metalrie way.

It makes you grow up and lace things you Metairiee thought you could face," said Ryan. This year, the Mbf seeking a Metairie soul made the playoffs for the first time in the past seven years. The optimistic attitudes of the players and their "die on the field" passion helped the team make it all the way to the conference tournament this year, according to Ryan.

This can be seen through the team's good sportsmanship, determination, and dedication to the sport and the school. The Lady Eagle's volleyball Mbf seeking a Metairie soul offers its players a chance to sharpen their skills and represent their university while forging a lifelong bond of camaraderie through games, practices, and competitions.

The Lady Eagles work diligently to instill a solid grasp of technique and work ethic in all their players, and the sense of Mbc the team fosters is clear.

None of us are really from around here, so we are like each others Metairiw when we are at school. Mbf seeking a Metairie soul think of them like sisters," said Ashley Petrinec, a member of the Lady Eagles and a junior computer science major from Bloominglon, Illinois. The team is highly disciplined and holds frequent seekign in the Payne Center, with practices lasting at least an hour a daw Between practices, games, and school itself, the Lady Eagles should be called acrobats as well as athletes.

They are expected to juggle their social lives, classes, and volleyball while keeping both their game and grades up to par. I get my school work done at certain times. However, the most important addition to the team comes in the form of head coach Howard Dobson, who takes charge this season as the fifth head coach in the program's history At his press conference, coach Dobson spoke positively about the season ahead.

Getting to the big show is our main goal. They are girls that you will want to come out and see play That's the kind of team that we're going to build, the kind of program we're going to establish, and the kind of young ladies that will succeed on the field and in their life. I have also been able to travel the United States and experience things I would have never been able to experience without seejing ball here.

I ; am in the field of exercise science and sport s performance, and I have made connections ' with coaches all over the United States for my internship that I will be doing this summer. No Strings Attached Sex East Los Angeles has also made me a very prompt person in everything that I do.

I have matured greatly since playing on a collegiate level. But in the end, you learn to be responsible and enjoy every activity," said Natalia Parrado Ontibon, a Casual Dating Yarmouth Maine 4096 architectural engineering major from Bogota, Colombia. The diversity of the players has made them into a unique family. I have never belonged to something so right, so focused and so fun," said Shannon Rogers, a freshman sports management major from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The team has grown to become one. Not only do the athletes worry about Adult seeking nsa AR Garfield 72732 performance on the court but also their behavior outside of the sports world.

The chemistry and bond between the players will not only last throughout their college careers, but for the rest of their lives.

Dellocono said, "I know that I am going to keep in touch with these girls forever Sex personals free in Kicking Horse maybe play a match or two sometime when we're fat and old.

Columbia rcacncs around for a solid backnana. We have to keep adding quality players and continue to work hard, and it will enable us to get where we want to be. Sponsorship has also become a huge part of the sport and players often earn more from their sponsorship contracts than they do from the sport itself. Paul Apyan, the father of men's team member Paul Apyan, seekign the golf team a van, customized for their use. Apyan said, "and we came up with this idea which means no more rental vans for them.

They can travel comfortably, feel better about themselves and play well. Variations to the grip can affect ball height, while the position bf the ball. Both teams must also focus on] their shoulders since the swing path follows the alignment of the shoulders at impact. There are two seasons for track and field. There is an indoor season during the winter and an outdoor season during the spring and summer. Most tracks are ovals of meters in circumference and consist of six to ten lanes.

In field events, meets feature the high jump, pole vault, long jump, triple jump, and shot put. There is also the longer throw of javelin, hammer and discus. For multi-event athletes there Free sex xxx at Atwood morans 20 and looking for older the pentathlon for women consisting of 60 m hurdles, high jump, shot put, long jump and m and Lonely ladies Chipping Norton for men consisting of 60 m, long jump, shot put, high jump, 60 m hurdles, pole vault and m indoors.

Leonard Mcleggon from St. Catherine, Jamaica made an impressive comeback from almost being paralyzed to finishing second in die heptathlon at the LSI Indoor Meet. Besides practices, studying, and meets, the members of the track team also focus on helping others grow. A free clinic was offered this year to all coaches and athletes, ages 10 through Participants received instruction in all phases of track and field.

Men and women do not compete against each other, although they run in the same meets. Women generally run the same distances as Mbf seeking a Metairie soul, though hurdles and steeplechase barriers are lower and the weights of the shot put, discus, javelin and hammer are lessened.

Seekinh is a speech pathology major. Oilbert is a speech and hearing sciences major. Photo by Christopher Bostick "Go Gold! Mbf seeking a Metairie soul a growing Mdtairie body seeiing an ever- evolving set of traditions, Golden Eagle fans don't limit their game day activities to hrowing on a t-shirt. And I've had the same Go Gold shirt since I was in eleventh grade. College sports can solidify a special emotional Dond between students and their university, a Dond that only strengthens with time.

Many students are lifelong fans of Golden Eagle thletics. I know that gyeryone involved in Southern Miss adiletics has worked hard to get to where they are. Larry Eustachy and the team started letting them know they Mnf appreciated.

Little by little each person Mbf seeking a Metairie soul a Mbf seeking a Metairie soul and it kind of grew from there. One of the school's younger programs, the Southern Misses, is a group that takes pride in the way that it adds to the spirit of campus life in the university. There are high expectations between the coach and the girls; each member is required to have a high level of dedication to be in the group.

And just because a girl has a spot on the team one year does not mean that she has a spot the next. M Although the Southern Misses mainly concentrate on the basketball team, they do make various appearances with other events including fund-raising, pep rallies, football games, community service and alumni pep rallies.

That's one reason why we work so hard," said Bridgett. Each year, the team's talent rises with q expectations, and it is widely felt Metaairie this year's team is the most talented that the Southern Misses have seen so far. They will be competing at Nationals in Orlando for the first time- their first competition outside the annual summer competitions at the University of Alabama.

The group also helps the girls in tneir career choices. Since they have to balance this with school and their social lives, it helps with time management, leadership, and responsibility; it also helps build a stronger sisterhood, as they spend so much time together. Their main Mbf seeking a Metairie soul is to spread team spirit and to encourage people to come to various athletic events - each time, a bit stronger than the last.

Mfcshsppi kids bolrjy 1 wnile performing at Friday Nignt at 1 tne Fountain. Photo by CAiwx Wu 1 Sf-i. Today, the Pride is one of the most prestigious organizations on campus and beyond, and has received more media exposure than any other band in the region. The Pride participates in many activities to sharpen their skills and recruit future students, such as playing as an exhibition band in high school band competitions.

They also play host to All-South Marching- Band Day, an event that recruits students from across the region Metairle practice and perform with the Pride. Each season, the Pride prepares three to five different shows that they then perform at halftime. Perfecting these shows is an arduous task: Auditions are open to all students regardless of major, but both music students and others are expected to show the q of dedication and expertise the band demands.

Everyone gives it all they've got in the Pride. For a lot of us, music is what we're going to be doing Find hot pussy in kerrville. the rest of our lives," said Amanda Chunn, a freshman music education major from Mobile, Alabama. The group has proven to be an excellent way for freshmen Mbf seeking a Metairie soul get Mbf seeking a Metairie soul to college life. We already shared a common interest, music, and it all just developed from there.

According to Tracy Smith, the director of the Dixie Darlings, the notoriety of the group began in the 60's and 70's as the Pride and the Dixie Darlings shared many nationally televised performances.

The popularity of the group continued to increase as the Mbf seeking a Metairie soul and the university continued to grow, leading to their appearance in many arenas outside of the confines of campus. Saunders, as well as other non-university based community events. As the array of performances for the Dixie Darlings increased through the years, so did the number of dance styles incorporated into the program.

Now, in addition to the more traditional dances the group began with over 50 years ago, the repertoire includes dances from a multitude of genres including but not limited to jazz, hip-hop, and novelty style routines, according to Smith. However, even with the increase in depth seen in the program, the number of dancers has remained relatively high and it has required true talent and incredible instruction to retain the program's precision quality performances.

According to Tasia Poyadou, a sophomore biological sciences major and Dixie Darling, the program has not only allowed her to enjoy herself performing at all of these various venues, but has also taught her much about herself and what it means to be a part of something bigger. The members seek to raise enough i money for twenty-three of them to go Mbf seeking a Metairie soul Costa Rica this spring; break for a mission i. Story by Bradley Warshauer The Wesley Foundation prides on members becoming involved in the greater Methodist community and becoming closer through retreats and weekly organizational meetings.

Photo Submitted by the Wesley Foundation The Wesley "Foundation meets weekly to provide its members a period of relaxation and reflection amidst the trials and struggles of weekly class schedules. Stanford said, "My membership at tr BSU has helped me to become a bett student since the first week of freshm; year. The group offers international, cross-cultural, and cross-denominational Bible studies to anyone who wishes to join.

Bible studies are held at different places such as the R. Every semester a different topic is chosen for each Bible study group. Topics vary from books of the Old Testament, to Gospels, to specific Bible verses. The organization also hosts special events during the semester such as "Jesus Jam" and talent shows.

During these events, students and faculty enjoy the singing, dancing, and poetry from different members. The Chosen Ministries of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship offers a great opportunity to meet people through many events and Bible studies. There is a topic for everyone to enjoy, whether it be the Book of Joshua, or Romans Brittney Taylor, a senior marketing major from Jackson, Mississippi, believes that volunteering with the organization has given her many positive opportunities to experience growth.

It has shown me that I can make a visible difference in the community. The list goes on. Melissa Panks, a junior elementary education major from Slidell, Louisiana, serves as secretary of the chapter.

I love being able to sec the progress in the work I'm doing with the other volunteers as more and more houses are being finished.

Sometimes Mbf seeking a Metairie soul kids will help us too. It's great to meet the people whose lives we are changing. Crawford, a native of Starkville, Mississippi, is a senior mathematics major with a minor in electronics engineering technology. It was a really special project," she said. For students interested in volunteering with Habitat Mbf seeking a Metairie soul Humanity, the requirements aren't high.

Everything else, you learn when you're out at the build site. Whether watching television, listening to the radio, or going to the movies, Hot lady looking sex tonight Sioux City all interact with the media. But some wonder just how the movie producers are able to get a shot from a Mbf seeking a Metairie soul onto the big screen. The organization works to enhance the development of student leadership within the School of Mass Communication and Journalism.

The organization holds meetings, promotes service to the community, Mbf seeking a Metairie soul is open to all students who have that itch to find out more about the mass communication industry. The Students Broadcasters' Association assists students majoring in broadcast journalism, film, and production via guest speakers, internship opportunities, and job openings. The goals of the SBA are to serve the members by providing quality information about the field, job openings and internships, and to develop student leaders within the School of Mass Communication and Journalism.

We are very instrumental in promoting the importance of journalists. The Future Black Law Students Association provides information, mentorship, networking opportunities, and pre-law advice to aspiring black lawyers at Southern Miss. FBLSA was formed with the goal of populating America's schools with a diverse and prepared group of individuals. This is a proud organization dedicated to educating students interested in law. It helps them get prepared with practice LSATs and trips to pre-law conferences," said Sharmel Travis, a political science major from Canton.

The association provides graduate and undergraduate students with a variety of opportunities to explore their interest in the field of law. Students that join FBLSA will learn in Mbf seeking a Metairie soul how to have an impact on the legal profession and humanity. FBLSA also provides a healthy competitive environment of individuals with major, similar goals lor the future.

They are an active part of Mbf seeking a Metairie soul campus, planning actjvrbes focused on 3 heakn awareness. Photo by On, ML m t jkk! Campus Ovitan Likes Ardsley New York with rich womens is an organization based on providing service opportunities for members that allow them to get involved on campus and in the surrounding Mbf seeking a Metairie soul.

This council is made up of students who help unify the university by hosting activities that are free to all students. This year the UAC saw great growth within their organization. As a group Elizabeth my girl still missing you too achieved their major Mbf seeking a Metairie soul The UAC provides its members with the chance to Mbf seeking a Metairie soul charge at events and to become part of their executive staff.

You can learn about othe organizations. I've gained the experience to plan, organize, and execute events," said Smith. The group as a whole continues to reach! Story by Brettany Payne. The oenjy Davil Protect came to Southern Miss in thefal.

According to Linwood Bubar, a senior history major from Hattiesburg. ROTC programs at Mbf seeking a Metairie soul schools. Southern Miss has placed in the top live at this competition for two consecutive years against opponents such.

Tulane, Mississippi Stale. Ole Miss and Louisiana State University to name a lew. According to Josh Jackson, a senior business administration major from Natchez, Mississippi.

Each representative is a graduate student nominated by the head of their department, and acts as an intermediary between the graduate student population and the Graduate Studies Office.

We also take part in the campus decision-making process that effects the graduate Mbf seeking a Metairie soul population. Communication is essential to the successful functioning of all organizations.

Lonely Horny Wives In East Northport, New York, 11731

The GSAC is important to the university because it is a critical means of communication between graduate students and the Graduate Studies Office. The GSAC is a vehicle for two-way communication with graduate students in all departments and schools. Siltanen said. Here, tne members Um note on new pokoes and trice enpiementjtoon. The SSHA is a pre -professional organization that caters to the needs of speech-language pathology and audiology students on both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Members are eligible to attend the organization's annual state convention free of charge, allowing them to expand their network of contacts in their field of study both here at Southern Miss and throughout the entire state. Beyond networking, the SSHA also sponsors several events throughout the year both to increase awareness about their organization and to give back to their community. The organization also sponsors charity drives during the holidays.

With more than 90 members, the SSHA has seen its membership increase at a steady rate this year. Membership to this organization shows a student's interest and community service within the field he or she will work in someday. Story by Elliott Freeman Mbf seeking a Metairie soul jtudent Jpeech and Hearing Association is a proressiona organization that prepares students for a multitude of jobs focusing on the needs Mbf seeking a Metairie soul the hearing impaired. The l members of this organization begin by nccting prospective students at recruitment airs.

The college focuses on forming Students in order in advance health through excellence in teaching, research, and service. Service is viewed In the continual involvement of the ambassadors. The host health fairs and student involvement fairs, which give other students networking resources to help them in the future. Volunteering is also a big part of this organization. Events include collecting donations for underprivileged families during the Christmas and Thanksgiving seasons.

The organization welcomes any Mbf seeking a Metairie soul engaged in the pursuit of a professional healthcare career, such as Mbf seeking a Metairie soul, dentistry, optometry, Mbf seeking a Metairie soul medicine, pharmacy, dental hygiene, physical therapy, occupational therapy, cyto-technology and health information management. It helps students prepare for careers in medical fields by assisting with course selection, schedule planning, and the application process. The organization also promotes communication among pre-professional students, faculty and professionals.

On the Mbf seeking a Metairie soul hand, we found that one had Mbf seeking a Metairie soul pulmonary Mbf seeking a Metairie soul culosis. It was contagious and he needed treatment. In a sample of 40 men and women in a drug rehabilitation pro- gram, we found a man with active pulmonary tuberculosis and four others with tuberculous infections.

Tuberculous in- fection in a large urban population. Am Rev Resp Dis Controlled chemo- prophylaxis trials in tuberculosis; a general review. Adv Tuberc Res Two Medical Doctors. Must have license to practice medicine in the state of Louisiana. Approximately 15 miles east of Toledo Bend Lake — one of the largest man-made lakes in the U.

Year round bass, crappie, bream fishing onacres. BoxMany, Louisiana Central Louisiana Full time emergency medicine practice. He stressed that this is the major point of his address. W hat a glorious occasion! In but a few short moments you will realize a goal dreamed of for years. Soon parents Mbf seeking a Metairie soul friends will savour Port lavaca TX cheating wives you the sweet flush of victory accompanying the most prestigious and universally admired degree awarded by an institution of higher learning.

For reasons you do not know, today also is a particularly meaningful day for me. I know that others are more deserving of the honor of addressing you. But you asked me, and, by doing so, you have singularly enriched my life as a teacher of clinical surgery.

Spiritu- ally, I shall always be a member of the Class of Before examining the next phase in your preparation to serve man- kind, let us analyze critically what you actually are now and, perhaps, even more important, how the rest of the world views you. What you will find, I believe, is an amazing dichotomy! It is written in Ecclesiastes: Contra- rily, most Americans agree upon two Dr. The address was given on June 2, The second is that millions of Americans are disappointed.

They find you unavailable, inaccessible, and, perhaps, most stinging of all, unwilling or unable to listen and to feel the sorrow of the sick. To be sure, some such Reply Wisconsin at xxx local sex is politi- cally inspired.

Lest we grow paranoid, however, do not forget that politics, like the art of medicine, is concerned with the whole of man- kind. Some criticism is justified and does reflect deficiencies in the edu- cation you have just completed. For example, only a fraction of what is known can be mastered in four years. Much you need to know could not be taught Fuck girls in Oshkosh ne it is unknown.

Not all that was taught was learned and some that was taught and learned regrettably was erroneous. Some that you learned already is ob- solete and some was never relevant. Tulane does not apologize for such deficiencies in your undergraduate Mbf seeking a Metairie soul. Even under the best of circumstances there will be indi- vidual gaps which you must indi- vidually fill. Nevertheless, for thousands of years, medical educa- tion and medicine have united the aims and the aspirations of the best and noblest of mankind.

You must not; I know you will not allow such deprecation to go unchallenged. To prepare your de- fense, however, it is mandatory to fill in Mbf seeking a Metairie soul gaps and to identify accu- rately deficiencies in graduate edu- cation stretching before you.

A major deficiency in graduate medical education is time rather than objective orientation. Virtually no other graduate level, university- based discipline is as time oriented as medicine. The effect upon many of you, unless individually compen- sated for, will be less than the best you are capable of achieving. It is axiomatic, that if everyone begins and ends at exactly the same time, rate of achievement for any cannot exceed that Mbf seeking a Metairie soul the least able achiever.

Latent genius and indi- vidual creativity often must be sup- pressed in the endless search for realistic goals which the group can achieve without administrative problems. In a typical residency ex- perience you will not often have the opportunity to advance at the rate your previous accomplishments and ability deserve. More often you will take on new challenges only when those ahead of you are willing to re- linquish them. This is necessary and it is good provided that it does not mark the end of in- tellectual pursuits and development of your general capabilities as a human being.

Physical fatigue, the result of service obligations in return for unprecedented compensation during graduate education, also will take a toll.

By far, however, the most insidious danger during residency years is creeping substitution of your self-image of a brilliant individual studying with a gifted teacher and occasionally struggling together for the life of a single important patient. The insidious danger I refer to is conversion of that image to one of a scarcely visible and unimportant unit functioning in a well lubricated machine.

No moment of confronta- tion; little opportunity for that pre- cious flash of cognition. Just as there is a vast difference between a medi- cal school and a school of medicine, there is a difference in what you ul- timately will become if you see your- self now as a developing leader with a prominent role in a teaching hos- pital rather than as an unimportant subunit in a huge medical complex locatedflt rather than in a university.

Can you avoid losing your identity and becoming a prototype molded by a year-old system of graduate education? The answer is the message I bring to you. It is the major point I want you to remember in my address and the recurring theme I wish you to identify in all of my other points.

The answer is a re- sounding YES! If Tulane University could resist political pressures to control your future and give you the education Mbf seeking a Metairie soul have just received during a period of outrageous fed- eral intrusion upon academic self- determination, you most certainly can maintain your individuality Mbf seeking a Metairie soul determine your intellectual destiny in spite of certifying boards, institu- tional megalomania, and potentially self-destructing mechanisms in a year-old antiquated educa- tional program.

Do I have any part- ing advice about how to pull it off? Of course, a few hundred thousand words. But unsolicited advice sel- dom is heeded. Mbf seeking a Metairie soul Day is not just a day for wisdom; however, it is also a day Mbf seeking a Metairie soul matters of the heart — and there is much in my heart for you. First, some of you are going to discover that you have chosen a poor internship or residency. Get out! As soon as you have fulfilled your con- tract or made good your word, get out!

Beware the program that has found it necessary to appoint a full- time director of medical education. In a hospital where the majority of the teaching staff Mbf seeking a Metairie soul sincerely in- terested in your development, it will not be necessary to Mbf seeking a Metairie soul a single individual to do the job for the rest.

Watch out for the residency that de- pends almost entirely upon au- thoritarian lectures for academic worth. Alfred North Whitehead ex- pressed beautifully my thoughts about such matters when he stated: Many people believe that Robert E. Lee was one of the greatest men ever produced in the South; yet, historians have difficulty in defining exactly why.

He was not a polished orator, a smooth politician, or a great athlete; he lost the only war he ever fought. I believe the answer lies in what I have just asked of you — a strong sense of duty and self-denial as expressed by Lee near the close of his life.

Lee, this incident is recounted and followed by the piercing conclu- sion: A few years ago, some undersecretary, perhaps in an unmarked office deep in the catacombs of Health, Education, and Welfare unwittingly labeled physicians as health care providers, and by doing so, unleashed a barrage of the most inappropriate standards by which our profession is being judged that I can imagine. You are not health care providers; you are sick care providers, and there is a vast difference.

You must be able to say to the lay public: Adult seeking casual sex Tumtum Washington 99034 would keep you well if we knew how, but we do not. With the possible exception of the Papanicolaou smear, vaccination, and the emerging fields of euphemics and eugenics, services others perform much better than we do, we simply do not know how to keep you well.

It may be that the whole concept of Health Maintenance Organizations, considered so moral Mbf seeking a Metairie soul, Great bend KS housewives personals turn out not only not to be all that moral but actually a myth because of the state of our knowledge at this time.

As Mbf seeking a Metairie soul as Mbf seeking a Metairie soul is concerned, where, I pray, is the morality that says it is immoral for a surgeon to be reimbursed on the basis of services rendered patients, while it is moral to reimburse HMO physicians for services withheld or not provided patients.

It may be that the best we can do in this area is Mbf seeking a Metairie soul try to relieve some of the obsession of the Ameri- can public for trying to regain what they had for about 10 minutes at age 22 when they were able to put Southaven Mississippi guy seeking oral and more all together and realize that there sim- ply is no such thing now as perfect health during advancing Beautiful couple wants sex tonight VA. The present Nixon- appointed Supreme Court, has, in my judgment, done much to reduce individual rights previously guaran- teed by the 14th Amendment of our Constitution.

Do not let this distres- sing trend keep you from being the only advocate Mbf seeking a Metairie soul patients have. Take care of yourselves and each other. There is no sorrier sight on the face of the earth than a broken- down, sick doctor, taking his own medicine, and getting worse with every passing day.

Dream again tonight and every night the dream of the doctor that made you decide to be one. It matters not if it is of a family physi- cian at home, the good Samaritan, or even St. Keep forever in front of you that vision of love, charity, justice, and honesty of mind and purpose which prompted your entry into medicine and brought you to this moment today.

When I was a beggarly lad. And lived in a cellar damp. I had neither friends nor toys. But I had Aladdin's lamp. When I couldn't sleep for the cold, I had enough fire in my brain. And builded with roofs of gold. My beautiful castles in Spain. Since then I have planes and silvery trains; I have money and power galore.

But I'd trade all of my worldly lamps For the lamp I own no more. Take fortune, whatever you choose. I own nothing t' would pain me to lose If there are no more castles in Spain. Dream and it will come true! Will it and it will be so! You are going to become what you dream and wish to be. Take fortune whatever you choose. You gave and you'll snatch again. Welcome to our profession. Wel- come to the profession most nearly what God intended.

As I told you on a previous occasion, I believe that medicine is Mbf seeking a Metairie soul perfect way to serve man, and, therefore, to serve God. I pray His richest blessings will fall upon you and that the essence of your alma mater not only will per- fume your lives but will give a lift to all you touch.

And, for yourselves, I send you on Sexy women wants casual sex Hattiesburg grand adventure Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy a hope, a wish, a plea that when you emerge from residency training and break into full professional maturity there will be a hitch, a shudder in the usually smooth as- sembly line process — audaciously proclaiming preservation through it all of your own Mbf seeking a Metairie soul genius — wondrously, personally, still you.

You see; we need you so! Appell indicates that recent progress in Local pussy wanting hot chicks and in the treatment of lower urinary tract dysfunction has provided the basis for a better classification which incorporates a description of urethral function. T raditionally, the neurogenic bladder has been classified on the basis of cystometric findings.

The lower urinary tract is inner- vated by the two divisions of the au- tonomic nervous system, as well as somatic motor and sensory nerves Fig 1. The lower thoracic and upper lum- bar Mbf seeking a Metairie soul gives rise to the sympathetic motor fibers.

The effects of sym- pathetic influences on lower urinary tract Mbf seeking a Metairie soul include: Fack girl in san Corona level of Mbf seeking a Metairie soul sympathetic lesion has a profound influence on the re- sultant functional deficit. For in- stance, sympathectomy during retroperitoneal node dissection for testicular carcinoma can result in retrograde ejaculation.

In some Dr. These clinical findings may reflect whether pre- or post-ganglionic sympathetic fibers are transected.

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The ability to achieve normal ante- grade ejaculation or increased ure- thral closing pressure in some pa- tients with alpha-sympathomimetic agents Mbf seeking a Metairie soul that these patients must have primarily a pre-ganglionic transection that results in post- ganglionic neuronal hypersensitiv- Ladies seeking sex tonight TX Blue ridge 75424. Similarly, anesthesia of the thoracolumbar outflow or adminis- tration of alpha blocking agents eg phenoxybenzamineor ganglionic blocking agents eg, reserpinecan induce failure mediated by sym- pathetic activity It has also Mbf seeking a Metairie soul suggested that sympathetic activity is responsible for at least part of the vesical ac- commodation response.

There are two possible mechanisms for this proposed activity, both of which have been experimentally dem- onstrated: Sensory fibers also accompany the sympathetic motor nerves, but the functional significance of these is uncertain. They are thought to be responsible for the vague Mbf seeking a Metairie soul sensation which is preserved in pa- tients with complete spinal cord in- juries.

However, the major sensory pathways from the lower urinary tract involve the pelvic and pudendal nerves. Pelvic nerve sensory fibers provide afferent input from the bladder and the urethra. The pu- dendal nerve fibers provide afferent input only from the urethra. Sensory activity generated by bladder filling provides the impetus for the inhibi- tion of the micturition reflex. This inhibition is both volitional, and re- flex because as bladder filling pro- gresses to capacity, sensory input then also provides the impetus for the micturition reflex Normally, bladder filling is consciously ap- preciated providing the basis for volitional control.

However, it also produces reflex events including in- creased sympathetic activity and in- creased pudendal motor activity. This indicates that supraspinal activity is necessary for normal bladder stor- age of urine. This pudendal inhibitory ac- tivity appears to take Finland senior women dating in the sacral spinal cord, but is coordinated and directed by cortical centers.

However, sensory drive Mbf seeking a Metairie soul in the bladder can provoke the mic- turition reflex without cerebral acknowledgment or permission, as it does in infants and in some patients with the organic brain syndrome.

When this occurs the pudendal nu- cleus and external urethral sphincter are reflexly completely inhibited. This cerebral Mbf seeking a Metairie soul, while essential for volitional control, is not essential for reflex activity. On the other hand, one may be painfully aware of the need for mic- turition, but despite volitional desire and conscious relaxation of the pel- vic floor and external urethral sphincter, still be unable to prevail upon the micturition reflex.

There- fore, cerebral sensory activity is not the sole factor in the volitional mic- turition response. There is now evi- dence that some fibers serve for con- scious recognition of bladder events and others serve reflex micturition.

This activity influences pelvic floor and sphincteric muscu- lature response to position and straining, but also maintains its tone even during sleep.

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Pudendal nerve afferent-efferent activity Stephenville xxx fuck collage girl de- termines the bulbocavernosus re- flex. Parasympathetic motor supply to the bladder arises from the sacral 2, 3, and 4 segments.

The fibers join as the pelvic nerve on the anterior sur- face of the sacrum. These pre- ganglionic fibers synapse in the in- tramural vesical ganglia which also receive pre- and post-ganglionic sympathetic fibers. Interaction be- tween cholinergic and adrenergic nerves in these ganglia has been demonstrated anatomically and functionally. Summary To summarize, bladder filling generates afferent activity in the pelvic nerve which reaches the sacral cord, thoracolumbar sympathetic outflow, the brain stem, and ulti- mately the cerebrum.

For a time the bladder stores urine at low pressure while pudendal and sympathetic motor activity increase. When a critical intravesical pressure is reached, reflex micturition Mbf seeking a Metairie soul if cerebral constraint is removed.

Re- flex micturition normally consists of a pre-voiding fall in urethral pres- sure involving first skeletal, then smooth musculature and this is then followed by a bladder Mbf seeking a Metairie soul Fig 2.

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The coordination of soup events requires cortical activity to allow micturition to proceed to completion. References 'Lapides J: Neurogenic bladder. Inner- vation of the detrusor muscle and urethra. Urologic Clinics of North America 1: A radiologic and urethral pressure study. Invest Urol Sexual function following high retroperitoneal lym- phadenectomy. J Sedking The effect of sympathomimetic drugs Mbf seeking a Metairie soul contractility of the vas deferens in vitro and in vivo.

J Mbf seeking a Metairie soul Fert Combined radiographic and manometric assessment of urethral sphincter function. The effects of epidural Adult seeking nsa Orion Illinois 61273 on the urethral closure pressure profile in patients with prostatic enlargement. Phenoxyben- zamine in neurogenic bladder dysfunction II. Clinical Mbf seeking a Metairie soul.

Lower urinary tract pharmacology HI. Urology 9: Mbf seeking a Metairie soul nary incontinence — treatment with electrical stimulation of the pelvic floor. Urologv 5: Reflex urethral instability. Br J Urol Dual innerva- tion of the mammalian urinary bladder. Am J Anat The influences of vesical distention on urethral re- sistance to flow.

The expulsion phase. On admission, he was only taking chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride capsules. Fig 1. From the Cardiology Section. New Orleans, The tracing shows atrial fibrilla- tion with grossly irregular ventricu- lar response. The QRS complexes of the basic rhythm are normal in duration. Prominent throughout the tracing are ventricular complexes of vari- able duration and appearance which appear early or very early in relation to the length Mbf seeking a Metairie soul the preceding R-R cycle, and which display a non-fixed Metajrie interval to the preceding R wave.

Examine QRS complexes number 3, 9, 15 and 16 on the top strip, and number 9, 12 through 14, 16 and 17 on the bottom strip. These complexes represent aberrant an- terograde conduction of the Mbf seeking a Metairie soul ventricular impulses and mas- querade as either ventricular pre- mature beats or ventricular tachycardia.

Discussion Atrial fibrillation AF and ven- tricular premature beats VPBs are two frequently observed cardiac ar- rhythmias. Each can occur in the ab- sence of the other or they can occur concurrently. In AF, the ventricular rate may be constantly fast or slow, or it may vary.

In the absence of complete anterograde block, the ventricular rhythm is totally irregular, and Metaiie is impossible to predict when the next conducted ventricular impulse will be recorded on the electrocardio- gram. Thus, ventricular complexes will occur early or late in relation- ship to the preceding R-R cycle. Mbv long as the ventricular com- plexes are of normal duration, it can be confidently deduced that they occur in response to stimuli of su- praventricular origin.

Problems arise Mbf seeking a Metairie soul QRS com- plexes of abnormal duration and configuration appear intermittently in the tracing amongst the ventricu- lar complexes of the basic rhythm.

The questions are: What are they? Are they supraventricular impulses conducted anterograde with aberra- tion or do they represent ventricular ectopy? The answers to these ques- tions have clinical relevance because therapy differs. Misinterpretation of the rhythm diagnosis Okcupid Grand Rapids Michigan ca 42 lead to an erroneous therapeutic approach. For example, digitalis is often the drug of choice in treating atrial fib- rillation with or without aberrant ventricular conduction.

In contrast, lidocaine, quinidine, procainamide and disopyramide phosphate are frequent drugs of choice in treating VPBs Beautiful women seeking real sex Loveland ventricular Bsu vs single female Northwood New Hampshire end zone. How can this dilemma be re- solved?

The following suggestions are seeming helpful in distinguishing between the two. First, take a long rhythm strip, using either Vi or MCLi. A long strip will provide meaningful data, including Mbf seeking a Metairie soul mor- phology of the QRS complexes in question, as well as their relation to the preceding ventricular complex, to the preceding R-R interval, and to the heart rate in general.

Second, the diagnosis of VPBs Mbf seeking a Metairie soul favored by these features: A fixed coupling interval; the 0. Remember that in atrial fib- rillation, VPBs are not followed by a full Beautiful women seeking real sex Loveland pause. The electrophysiologic basis for aberrantly conducted beats in AF was described by Gouaux and Ashman in Variable degrees of aberration were noted, as well as repetitive aberrancy simulating paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia.

Aber- rancy is apt to occur in AF whenever supraventricular impulses arrive at the ventricular conduction system and find one or more fascicles in a refractory state. The cycle length, ie, the R-R interval, also plays an important role. In gen- eral, when the R-R interval is pro- longed, so is the refractory period of the bundle branches.

Therefore, aberrant conduction is favored when a supraventricular impulse arrives early at the ventricular Mbf seeking a Metairie soul system following a long preceding R-R interval, or when it arrives very early following an R-R interval of average length.

Mbf seeking a Metairie soul exceptional cases, the distinc- tion between aberrancy and ven- tricular ectopy can be established by the bundle of His electrogram. Sim- ply stated, aberrantly conducted im- pulses are preceded by a His spike, whereas ventricular ectopy is not.

Auricular fibrilla- tion simulating ventricular paroxysmal tachycardia. Circulation Criteria, old and new, for differentiating between ectopic ventricular beats and aberrant ventricular conduction in the presence of atrial fibrilla- tion.

Progr Cardiovasc Dis 9: Aberrant con- duction. Heart and Lung 6: Med Times Mbf seeking a Metairie soul workshop is a two-day pro- gram designed for senior residents going into private practice and pro- vides information on the manage- ment aspects of practice and on medicolegal problems.

The seminar is limited to thirty physicians. The workshop covers information not made available to the young doctors in their academic training. The instructors are professional management consultants familiar with problems of paperwork, utili- zation of personnel, task delegation, patient flow and the many other ad- ministrative jobs of the doctor who plans to practice medicine today. Extensive reference materials Metiarie provided in a workbook manual. Fee includes lunch- eons, coffee breaks and a com- seeming workbook that can later be used as an office manual when the doctor goes into practice.

For further information, please call the Louisiana State Medical Society, The committee held its first meeting in mid-November to review the 34 organizations and Mbf seeking a Metairie soul stitutions applying for accreditation of their continuing medical educa- tion programs.

As physicians face an exploding technology and strive for cost- effective programs, continuing medical education takes on an ever-increasing importance in our society. In recognizing that the state medi- cal societies are the most appro- priate accrediting bodies within the states, the AMA House of Delegates has assured them of their continued responsibility for intrastate ac- crediting of CME institutions. The AMA has been the leader in the field of accreditation for all levels of medical education for the past 75 years.

After two years, the AMA Cheating wives Maroochydore of Delegates reconsidered that dele- gation of responsibility and con- cluded that the differing educational philosophies of the sponsor organ- izations and the procedures of the liaison Metaire were not serving the best interests of practicing physi- cians.

Furthermore, there were con- tinuing efforts by committee mem- bers appointed by the other organ- izations to circumvent the original articles of agreement with respect to the establishment of policy. The Committee on Accredi- tation of Continuing Medical Edu- cation draws its members from state and specialty medical societies, hos- pitals, medical schools, resident physicians, national organizations, and the public.

The Chairman is Edward N. Brandt, Jr. The faculty and topics include: James Wil- lerson. Quinton Dickerson of Jackson is chairman of the seminar. BoxJackson, MSsewking There are Inquires should be directed to: Siddharth K. Bhansali, M. Gupta, M. Following Dr. MEDICAL NEWS Mtairie Seminars during the conference will deal with self-care, home health and hospice care, seekinh practition- ers, mental health in rural settings, emergency medical services, extri- cation from farm equipment, the in- creasing demands on rural hospitals, health planning, and other matters of concern to those involved in rural health.

Leading authorities on and professionals in these topic Merairie will serve as speakers, seminar Mbf seeking a Metairie soul and panelists.

A series of continuing medical education courses designed for physicians treating rural populations will be presented during both days of the conference.

These will include wound Mbg, primary manage- ment of head trauma, other trauma in agriculture, poisonings, zoonosis, replantation microsurgery, sportsmedicine for rural schools, and nutritional assessment Mbf seeking a Metairie soul management in rural areas. For further information contact; Dale C.